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Club 2000, Round 5, 5 June 2021

Report by Nathan Blake

For our first non-double header of the year, the sun had come out to shine for the hottest round so far.


Will Rogers (53) had a great round taking the top step of the podium in every race despite Kiean Sullivan (26) taking pole in Heat 1. Will’s lead has only been extended to 41 points so Kiean is still in with a chance of the Championship. Teddie Cooper (79) had a great day too, taking 2nd in every race, getting closer to the leader in each heat. With more performances like this, Teddie will take 2nd from Kiean in the championship fight. New driver, Theo Hamilton (30) had a great day getting to grips with the kart and track despite suffering from a mechanical issue in the final.

Teddie Cooper (79) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with 47.35 in The Final; Will Rogers (53) managed the fastest average speed of 55.37 mph in Heat 3.

1st Will Rogers (53)

2nd Teddie Cooper (79)

3rd Kiean Sullivan (26)

4th Ben Borne (12)

5th Theo Hamilton (30)


Gaining championship points was a stroll in the park for Alex Beale (43) as he was the only Minimax in attendance this round achieving his fastest average speed of 61.47 mph in Heat 3 and fastest lap of 42.86 in the Final.

1st – Alex Beale (43)


The championship fight is heating up with 15 points separating the top 4. Oliver Rands (27) started the day by taking pole with a 0:43.21 and finishing 1st in both the first heats. However, things began to unravel for him as he finished 6th in heat 3 and suffering from a 5 second front fairing penalty in the final dropping them from 4th to 5th. Charlie Gaillard (74) and Jake Cox (26) were rather close throughout the day with Jake coming out on top with 134 points scored in comparison to Charlie’s 130. Championship leader, Oliver Bowen (55) didn’t have much luck this round. Missing out on qualifying was a major setback for them causing them to be stuck towards the back in the heats and scoring a total of 106 points.

Oliver Rands (27) claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with 42.28; Charlie Gaillard (74) got the fastest average speed of 62.71 mph in The Final.

1st Charlie Gaillard (74)

2nd Jake Cox (26)

3rd Luke Bate (95)

4th Luke Jarman (18)

5th Oliver Rands (27)


Despite qualifying 2nd, Matthew Copsey (97) had a great weekend. He had finished 1st in every race taking home all 144 points further extending his now 69-point lead. Starting on pole for Heat 1 was Alfie Campbell (40). Alfie had a good consistent day too by finishing 2nd in all the races, not too far from the leader, taking home the most points he has this year, 136. Jenson Weston (34) also had a good, consistent day completing the bottom step of the podium in every single race.

Alfie Campbell (40) grabbed the fastest Junior Rotax lap of 41.12 and the fastest average speed of 64.53 mph in Qualifying.

1st Matthew Copsey (97)

2nd Alfie Campbell (40)

3rd Jenson Weston (34)

4th Elliott Reed-Hughes (95)

5th Euan Richards (29)


This round, the championship lead has been extended by Reece Bright (27), however, the pressure is on as William Bloom (56) is still fighting to take as many points as he can. Reece began the day on pole and continued on to win all of the heat races. Behind him though, was William. William had snatched fastest lap in every heat including the final. In the final, Reece had begun to feel the pressure and was passed by William around The Esses for the lead. Behind the leaders was Harvey Cursley (44) who, despite qualifying and finishing the heats towards the back, took 3rd position with Cassidy Beeton (66) closely behind. After this round, only 25 points separate 2nd from 6th so who knows who will come out on top?

William Bloom (56) claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 43.86; Reece Bright (27) achieved the fastest average speed of 60.34 mph in Qualifying.

1st William Bloom (56)

2nd Reece Bright (27)

3rd Harvey Cursley (44)

4th Cassidy Beeton (66)

5th Alfie Wilkes (22)


This round, we had a visitor from Cromer who, frankly, dominated all day. Jack Tritton (87) came 1st in every heat by some margin and took the fastest laps too. After leading 12 laps in the final, Jack peeled off into the pits to allow his fellow drivers to grab some more points. Of those who were competing, Thomas Parker (72) had a great performance taking home 135 points to extend his lead to 20. Seeming to be on a streak of bad luck, Lewis Fagg (64) had no chance to get back into the championship fight after suffering kart trouble in Heat 1 and retiring for the day. 3rd in the Championship is Dylan Tatham (55) who took 119 points away this round.

Jack Tritton (87) claimed the fastest Senior Rotax lap of the day with a 40.00 in the Final and the top average speed of 66.04 mph in Heat 2.

1st Thomas Parker (72)

2nd Arundel Hughes (24)

3rd Adam Forrester (18)

4th Chloe Kunjasic (14)

5th Dylan Tatham (55)


With a championship lead of, now, 56 points, Jay Ford (99) took away 131 points this round after a great performance in heat 3 and the final despite receiving a 5 second penalty for their front fairing in Heat 1. Robert Reeve (15) has scored the most points this round with 133 from their consistent finishes on or near the podium all day including a win. However, having missed Round 3, Robert is down in 5th for the championship fight. Gary Cooper (76) also had a great performance today with one win and a few consistent finishes just behind the podium positions to score 125 points. As this is only Gary’s second round this year, he is down in 17th on the Championship fight.

Gary Cooper (76) picked up the fastest Rotax 177 lap of the day with a 41.28 in Heat 1. Jay Ford (99) claimed the fastest average speed of 64.26 mph in The Final.

1st Jay Ford (99)

2nd Robert Reeve (15)

3rd Gary Cooper (76)

4th Max Williams (17)

5th Simon Hilton (65)


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