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Our Karts

Brand new for 2023:  We've updated our fleet to improve your experience. Alongside our brand-new GX270s, we've also upgraded our practice session fleet. 

We also offer soft, rubber seat inserts for a comfier fit if the seat is too wide for you.

Corporate GX270

These rockets have the same powerful engines from our GX270s but with a newer, more refined chassis. These karts have our most advanced impact protection, sliding seats and adjustable pedals.

Engine: Honda GX270

Chassis: Biz Evo 3

Top Speed: 60mph | 96kph

Requirements: Ages 14+ | 147cm+

GX160 (Cadet)

Our easy-to-operate Cadets are capable of enough speed to excite any small petrolhead. These karts feature adjustable colour-coordinated pedals, adjustable seats and impact protection.

Engine: Honda GX160

Chassis: Biz Evo 2 Cadet

Top Speed: 35mph | 56kph

Requirements: Ages 8+ | 119cm to 147cm

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GX200 Side.png
GX200 Front.png


Our standard adult-sized GX200s are suitable for most drivers. It's our most popular practice session kart as it has plenty of speed for both adults and children. These include impact protection and adjustable pedals

Engine: Honda GX200

Chassis: Biz Evo 2

Top Speed: 40mph | 64kph

Requirements: Ages 8+ | 147cm+

GX270 Side.png
GX270 Front.png


The GX270s are our quickest practice session kart and perfect for speed freaks. Featuring the same adjustable pedals and impact protection, an extra 70cc of engine capacity give these karts a big boost in power.

Engine: Honda GX270

Chassis: Biz Evo 2

Top Speed: 60mph | 96kph

Requirements: Ages 14+ | 147cm+

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