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Owner-Driver Testing

If you've got your own kart, you can get out on track from £45.  Whether you want to run in an engine or work on your lines, we'll find the time that works for you. Most of our availability is during the midweek.

We also schedule days entirely for kart testing. These days are usually run in sessions, separated by kart class.  

If you want to see your lap times online, you can request the timing to be set up. If you do not have a transponder, we offer transponder hire for £25.

To book testing, contact us or fill out a booking request.
To book one of our scheduled test days, you'll have to book online.
2024 Test Days

Tuesday 2nd January
Tuesday 20th February 
Friday 5th April
Friday 31st May
Friday 2nd August
Tuesday 27th August
Tuesday 29th October
Friday 27th December

Dates are subject to change!

Book Online


Weekday Testing
Full Day (10am-4pm) - £72.50
Club2000 Member Price - £63.50

Half Day - £48
Club2000 Member Price - £45

Weekend Testing
30mins - £26.50
Club2000 Member Price - £22

Red Lodge Karting Ltd reserves the right to cancel test days due to unforeseen circumstances at short notice.

Karts Leaving Pits
Equipment next to kart
Driver in kart pointing at camera
Wanna take your karting to the next level? Check out Club2000, our monthly non-MSA championship for owner-drivers. We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming atmosphere!
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