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If you have it, Young Starz will help you find it!

We'll bring out the champion in you...

About us

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced karter, Young Starz welcomes all skill levels in a friendly and supportive environment. Our club will help you progress through the ranks, from grade 5 (novice) all the way to grade 1 (race-standard), with expert coaching and guidance along the way.  

At Young Starz, we believe in fostering a passion for karting while building valuable skills, such as driving techniques, racecraft, and sportsmanship. Our experienced instructors are committed to providing top-notch training and personalised feedback to help you improve and reach your full potential on the track.

Joining Young Starz is not just about racing, it's about being part of a close-knit community of fellow karting enthusiasts. Make new friends, share your love for racing, and create lasting memories with like-minded individuals who share the same adrenaline-fueled passion.

Youngstarz racing on the Red Lodge Karting circuit
Youngstarz endurance driver change

What we do

The club runs 10-minute karting sessions in Red Lodge Karting's karts. Our instructors will be out on the circuit to guide drivers around. Each session is followed by a debrief where senior instructors provide valuable feedback and insights on how drivers can improve their performance. 

As you progress through the club, you'll be advancing in grades, starting from grade 5 (novice) and working your way up to grade 1 (race-standard). Once you've reached grade 1, the excitement doesn't end there! You'll be invited to race in our thrilling team endurance championship that takes place after each meeting.

- All equipment is provided but drivers are welcome to wear their own.

- We use GX160s, GX200s & GX270s

- Attendance is flexible

- Paramedic on-site at every meeting

- Two championships a year

- Laptime analysis and instructor evaluation after each session


GX270 | A Class

GX270 | B Class



One-off joining fee: £25

Session fee: £43

You can try up to three sessions before paying the joining fee!

Minimum age: 7yrs

Minimum height: 119cm

Mick, owner of Youngstarz


To get booked in, contact the club owner, Mick French:

07518 271 139

Advance booking is essential!

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