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The Circuit

Red Lodge Karting Circuit Layout

Our flowing, technical track offers a unique challenge at every turn, ensuring that every lap is as exhilarating as the last. With our commitment to maintenance, you can trust that our circuit is always in top condition, providing a smooth and safe ride for all.

The circuit boasts both a short and long layout, providing a thrilling experience for small or large groups.

But the excitement doesn't end when the sun goes down! Our circuit is fully floodlit, allowing for night races that are sure to get your heart racing. We can also accommodate 24 karts at once so there's no shortage of competition.

Red Lodge Karting's Circuit
Red Lodge Karting's Digital Flags

On all of the marshal's posts, we have solar-powered digital e-Flags. There's no excuse for missing these lights; they're bright in all weather conditions and can be controlled remotely. 

Red Lodge Karting's LED display.

Just past the tower, we also have a giant LED display for issuing warnings, flags and messages to drivers. 

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