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A guide to completing a lap
of the RLK circuit
The lap begins…
French Curve
The lap opens down the straight with the providing the first challenge. A small bump on the way in unsettles the kart but the corner can normally be taken flat out. A small lift on the way in may be needed in faster karts but it’s a conventional apex.
The novice mistake here is to follow the line of the tyres as it tightens heavily on exit but a wider approach is required around the left hand of the circuit to ensure you are not too deep for the easier exit to the right. Too fast into this bend will result in a lift being needed to aid the exit from the corner and to avoid the lack of speed down the next short straight.
The 180°
It’s easy to carry too much speed into this innocuous-looking left-handed entry resulting in a heavily compromised line. It’s critical to be hugging the white line after the left-hander before taking the 180° corner; a conventional hairpin line should be taken aiming to get back onto the throttle as early as possible!A sweeping right follows the exit; this can easily be taken flat out before the left-handed corner.
Approaching The Warren…
Although this is a conventional 90° left-hand corner, it is off-camber making it very easy to run wide on the exit.Brake/lift early and get back on the power as soon as possible. Use the kerb stripes as your apex point which will widen the exit. Carrying too much speed into the corner will result in a trip over the grass on exit.
A good exit can offer an easy pass down the back straight before the long sweeping left-handed bend. Although this can be taken flat out in a smaller engine karts, faster karts will need to lift on entry.
(700m circuit only)
Oaktree follows on quickly from The Warren.  Similar to The Warren, a small lift can make the kart turn in better, especially with cadet karts.  Unlike The Warren, you don’t want to be touching the kerb as this will unsettle the kart.
The Esses…
(Full circuit only)
The Esses is a classic left followed by a right hairpin corner.  Driving down the back straight you ideally want to be over to the right-hand side of the track so that you don’t scrub off too much speed when you turn into the long, left-hander that leads into The Esses.  When turning in you’re aiming to go from the right-hand side to the inside of the track hugging the inside all the way around until you approach the braking point (around 2-lengths past the drain cover) coming into the first part of The Esses. 
Exit speed is far more critical than entry here. Aim for a good exit as this will promote overtaking before the tricky.
Paddock Bend…
Approaching from the left-hand side of the track it’s crucial to use the kerb on the right on entry maximising the width of the circuit. Braking will need to be sorted before the corner in faster karts; RLK hire karts will brake as late as on the kerb itself. Turning into the left-hander too early will leave you late on the power and vulnerable down the start/finish straight.
Across the start/finish line at The Mark...
That’s a lap!
Film courtesy of Agile Analog