Club 2000, Round 9, 5th October

HONDA An exciting round this time with some interesting results ending up with very little point difference in the top 5. Kacee Lynch (41) moved up into 3rd place in the table with a full set of 1sts. Sam Cooper (44) strengthened his second place in the table with two 2nds and two 3rds narrowing the gap to just two points between him and current table leader Mac McFarquhar (87). Matthew Copsey (97) moved up to fourth with a 4th, two 3rds and a 2nd. Joshua Smith (15) and Jenson Mason (18) finished within the first five in the final and achieved Pro status. Novice Luke Bate (9) drove well and was hot on the heels of the table leaders achieving a 5th place, two 6ths and an 8th. Kacee Lynch (

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