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Club 2000, Round 1, 4th January 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Club 2000. We’d like to thank all participants, past and present for supporting the club and making it such a supportive and friendly place to be! We are looking forward to another year of adrenaline filled fun!

We were blessed with a bright and sunny day for the first round of the season. The atmosphere was filled with optimism – a new season, lots of drivers have moved to a different class… everyone is in with a chance.

It was great to see so many regulars back in their karts and some new faces too!

HONDA Joshua Smith (15) was on the pace all day and achieved a full set of 1sts. Hot on his heels was Oscar Tumilty (17) who made 2nd place his own for the day.

Novice Luke Bate picked up 3rd in Heat 1 but for the rest of the day Jenson Mason (58) and Emily Jackson (26) traded 3rd and 4th: Emily Jackson (26) two 4ths, two 3rds; Jenson Mason (58) 5th two 4ths and a 3rd.

Joshua Smith (15) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with a 47.54 in the Final and also achieved the fastest average speed of 55.82mph in Heat 3.

1st Joshua Smith (15) 2nd Oscar Tumilty (17) 3rd Jenson Mason (58) 4th Emily Jackson (26) 5th Ollie Clark-Ward (4)

MINIMAX A new class for 2020 with some old faces who have moved up to from Honda cadets.

Jenson Weston (34) and Alfie Campbell (40) were vying with each other on track all day. Alfie Campbell (40) benefitted from his qualifying grid position and grabbed 1st in Heat 1 but was relegated to 2nd in the rest of the heats and the Final by Jenson Weston (34).

Jenson Weston (34) claimed the fastest Minimax lap of the day with a 43.82 in the Heat 3 and also achieved the fastest average speed of 60.12mph in Heat 3.

1st Jenson Weston (34) 2nd Alfie Campbell (40) 3rd Connor Baines (88) 4th Matthew Copsey (97)

JUNIOR TKM There was a lot of competition in this class with 12 drivers all battling for position. Tyler McAlpin (60) proved himself to be top battler with a full set of 1st places and 36 championship points.

Elliot Norton (75) in his first race at RLK since moving from Junior Prokart managed 2nds in all the heats but was pushed out of the top rankings to 5th in the Final. Thomas Warner (17) got 2nd in the Final with two 3rds and a 5th in the heats.

Elliot Norton (75)) claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 42.80 in the Heat 3. Tyler McAlpin (60) achieved the fastest average speed of 61.99 in Heat 3.

1st Tyler McAlpin (60) 2nd Thomas Warner (17) 3rd Ollie Handley (66) 4th Freya Woodall (16) 5th Elliot Norton (75)

JUNIOR ROTAX 1st Adam Foster (92) was out of his own for this round. In the absence of his class mates he grabbed himself the full championship points.

Adam achieved a top average speed of 58.33mph in Heat 2 but his fastest lap was in Heat 3 with a 44.01.

1st Adam Foster (92)

JUNIOR PROKART The pecking order in this class was established right from the start and was pretty much a game of follow the leader. Jeremy Lock (72) took the full set of 1sts leaving all the 2nd places to Theo Grey (35) and all the 3rds to Charlie Gromett (6).

Jeremy Lock (72) achieved the fastest average speed of 58.16mph but Theo Grey claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 44.99 in Heat 3.

1st Jeremy Lock (72) 2nd Theo Grey (35) 3rd Charlie Gromett (6)