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Club 2000 - January 2018 - Round 1

Round 1 saw our drivers dealing with a multitude of challenges which began with a circuit resembling an ice rink. Fortunately, by the time we were ready to start racing mother nature had done her thing and we enjoyed a good days racing. Not that mother nature was kind to everyone as she decided to obliterate a gazebo in the middle of the day. The mixed conditions once again tested drivers and mechanics to the limit, some drivers rewarded for their bravery with their tyre choice, others punished!

The day culminated with the 2017 Championship trophy presentation, congratulations to all our winners and also to Ben Maxim who had the most votes to become the drivers driver of the year, he clearly wasn’t expecting that if the look of total shock in his face was anything to go by.

We don’t have a driver of the day award but if we did Round 1 belonged to Jessica Fitch-Hall who finally found herself in the Honda Cadet A Final for the first time after narrowly missing out so often in 2017.

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