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Club 2000, Round 9, 2 October 2021

Report by Nathan Blake

After some light rain during the night, the track started off a bit damp but seemed to dry up until the light rain returned in the late morning. Coming up to lunch, it got heavier and the meeting was declared open from 12:15pm. The rain barely eased up all day leaving some drivers happier than others.

Honda Cadet

The Pharoah name made a return to Red Lodge when Marcus Pharoah (24) joined us this round and the ex-bambino driver had to get used to the track on the fly. The rain presented a challenge to the young drivers with a few spins here and there but overall, everybody adapted well. After a 4-month hiatus, Nathan Gange (89) returned and put on a good performance to finish 1st in the final.

The fastest lap was set before the rain came in Qualifying by Teddie Cooper (79) – A 48.007s; a whole second quicker than the rest of the field.

Heat 1

We started just after the tyre choice was declared open so everyone had opted for their wets. For the first lap, Nathan Gange (89) braked a bit too late into Senna and bumped the rear of Will Rogers (53). Will (53) was sent into a spin and recovered in 6th. Nathan (89) was handed a black and white warning. With the order shaken up quite a bit on the start, Harlie Cooper (82) found himself in 4th shortly before being passed by Will (53) due to a great switchback around Senna. Meanwhile, Marcus (24) was showing off his kart control, pulling off nicely controlled power-slides out of Senna. On lap 4, Archie-lee Bullock (14) pulled into the pits and sadly retired. On the last lap, Teddie Cooper (79) spun leaving Will (53) to inherit 3rd and finish where he started.

Heat 2

Heat 2 brought us some clean racing. Into the first lap, Harlie (82) got a good start and pulled ahead of Marcus (24). However, looking to take the position back, Marcus (24) looked up the inside and tapped Harlie (82) around. In the next corner, 180, Marcus (24) spun and slotted just in front of Harlie (82). Nathan (89) was constantly gaining on Kiean Sullivan (26) who had the lead. Kiean (26) was defending very well even when Nathan (89) got a great run out of 180 and held it around the outside of the Warren. Towards the end, Nathan (89), again, got a great run out of 180 but instead pulled a switchback to have the inside up the back straight. Kiean (26) conceded and slotted in behind. Coming up to the last corner, Nathan (89) spun and Kiean (26) seemed to panic and do the same. Scrambling to get going again, Kiean (26) pulled off first and Nathan (89) followed behind.

Heat 3

In the Rotax 177 race prior, the rain came pouring down. For the start, Nathan (89) was too keen to set off and jumped in front of Kiean (26), picking up a 10s penalty. Archie-lee (14) got a poor start, dropping down to last before the end of the first lap but soon after passed Harlie (82) to gain a position back. Marcus (24) had a great couple of opening laps, passing Archie (14) and Will (53). However, Will (53) fought back and took 4th position back from him. After the first few laps, everybody spread out. On the last lap, Will (53) made a mistake and faced the tyres on Senna. A marshal ran over to push him back, however by the time he was facing the right way, Will (53) had lost 4th again to Marcus (24).


The rain was still lashing it down, making it a very wet final. Into the first corner on the opening lap, Teddie (79) looked to the inside of Kiean (26) but the pair made contact leaving Kiean (26) to spin and Will (53) unluckily being collected. Archie (14) profited well from this, momentarily shooting up into 3rd but after Kiean (26) passed him back, he settled into 4th. After plummeting to last, Will (53) was set for a great comeback and after a couple of good overtakes, he settled into 5th with not enough time to reel in Archie (14) in 4th.

1st – Nathan Gange (89)

2nd – Kiean Sullivan (26)

3rd – Teddie Cooper (79)

4th – Archie-Lee Bullock (14)

5th – Will Rogers (53)


Once again, Alex Beale (43) was the only Minimax in attendance this round so he joined the Junior Rotax grid. Alex seemed to love the rain. As it got heavier, the driver out drove many of the, naturally, slightly quicker Junior Rotaxes. Impressively, in the wet conditions, Alex (43) managed a 5th place finish in heat 2 after passing 7 karts in 7 laps. His fastest lap was in Heat 1 with a 43.075 on a greasy track.

1st – Alex Beale (43)

Junior Rotax

These drivers were the first to experience the greasy conditions on the track as they were first on the running order. As he was getting to grips with the conditions, Jenson Weston (34) held an impressive drift around the Warren in practice. Jake Robinson (15) didn’t have much chance to show off his pace today as he suffered from some pretty bad luck in the heats. Anthony Ward (33) thrived in the wet conditions even making his way up into 3rd in the final. Matthew Copsey (97) put on a show for us in the 3rd heat making his way from last up into 1st with some great overtakes. Matthew (97) also set the fastest lap with a 41.277s in Heat 1.

Heat 1

For the first lap, it was a bit of a mess. Coming into Senna, Alfie Campbell (40) and Cameron Pottle (7) had a spin in succession. Into the last corner, Paddock, Anthony Ward (33) and Jake Robinson (15) had a coming together unfortunately putting Jake (15) into the tyre wall between Paddock and 180. Both drivers were okay and Jake (15) retired. While there was a yellow flag for the marshals to quickly repair the tyres, Adam White (13) made a move onto another driver, picking up a 10s penalty for overtaking through yellows. After the scrambled-up start, Jenson Weston (34) found himself in 2nd after starting 5th.

Heat 2

The conditions were now fully wet as it poured it down during lunch. The start was very clean this time despite a lot of drivers exchanging positions. Despite a good start to the day, Matthew Copsey (97) appeared to struggle with his kart as it continuously bogged down. After 2 laps, the driver came in leaving Jenson (34) the lead. Alfie (40) had a great start moving from 6th to 2nd by the end of the first lap. A couple laps later, Cameron Pottle (7) had an unfortunate spin on the exit of the French Curve, unfortunately dropping the drier from 6th to 10th. Elliott Reed-hughes (95) then attempted a switchback on Sam Cooper (44) but the move didn’t stick until the next lap when Elliott (95) made a move and that time, stayed ahead. On the last lap, after having around a 2.7s gap to Alfie (40) behind, Jenson (34) unluckily spun coming out of Paddock, leaving Alfie (40) to take the chequered flag.

Heat 3

For the start of this race, Anthony Ward (33) was knowingly running an incorrect set of tyres. After finishing in last in the previous heat, Mathew (97) started from the back. Coming out of Senna, Euan (29) and Jake (15) had a tangle, unfortunately dropping Jake (15) into last place and taking Euan (29) out of the race. By the end of the first lap, Matthew (97) already made it up into a very impressive 5th place. Onto the second lap, Matthew (97) made it past Elliott (95) and Sam (44) in quick succession. After reeling him in for a few laps, Matthew (97) soon caught Jenson (34) and got a great run out of 180 to pass him into the Warren. Matthew (97), on the last lap, approached Alfie (40) in the lead and moved to his inside into the French Curve and passed rounding off an amazing comeback drive. Unfortunately, Alfie (40) was excluded for a technical infringement regarding his axle width.


After the contact in heat 3, Euan (29) had sadly gone home due to a bent axle. For the start, Anthony (33) was rapid, passing 3 drivers by the end of the first lap and moving up into 5th. As he made his surge through, he had a coming together with Alfie (40) around the Esses unfortunately causing Alfie (40) to spin and retire. On the fifth lap after everyone had settled a bit, Cameron (7) had a stroke of bad luck with a spin on Paddock followed by another spin on Senna shortly after dropping the driver into last. On lap 7, Anthony (33) made a pass up the inside of Elliott (95) to take 4th. A lap later, Anthony (33) then got a great exit out of the Warren and passed Sam (44) up the back straight to finish 3rd. Although he had an exclusion for his tyre choice, this was a great achievement for Anthony. On top of this, he went home £10 richer as his dad made a bet with him to finish 3rd.

1st – Matthew Copsey (97)

2nd – Jenson Weston (34)

3rd – Sam Cooper (44)

4th – Elliott Reed-hughes (95)

5th – Jake Robinson (15)