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Club 2000, Round 9, 1st November 2020

Round 9 November

An overcast damp day which pretty much epitomised the mood of the last Club meeting before Lockdown 2.0. The damp track ruled out any chance of exciting lap times, nevertheless there was some excellent driving (and a little maverick driving too!).


Joshua Smith (15) had a great run, leading most of the day and coming away with a full set of 1sts. Luke Bate (9) challenged as best he could, briefly taking the lead ahead of Joshua Smith (15) in Heat 3, finishing with a full set of 2nds. William Briant (72) and Hayden Gray (16) had their own mini battle going on with each coming away with two 3rds and two 4ths.

Luke Bate (9) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with 47.08 in Heat 3. The fastest average speed of 56.59 mph was achieved in Qualifying by Joshua Smith (15).

1st Joshua Smith (15)

2nd Luke Bate (9)

3rd William Briant (72)

4th Hayden Gray (16)

5th Ollie Clark-Ward (4)


Having had two great rounds, Alfie Campbell’s (40) luck ran out a little and only managed two positions in the top three with a 3rd and a 1st in the Final. That said, some excellent driving saw Alfie Campbell’s (40) start from 5th to take 1st in the final. Alfie Campbell’s (40) somewhat erratic day allowed Jenson Weston (34) to make up some ground lost in the previous rounds, coming away with three top three positions, two 2nd s, a 3rd. Elliot Reed-Hughes (95) only managed one top three placing, but it was the one that counted!

Alfie Campbell (40) claimed the fastest Minimax lap of the day with a 42.41 in Heat 2. Sam Cooper (44) achieved the fastest average speed of 62.06 mph in Qualifying.

1st Alfie Campbell (40)

2nd Jenson Weston (34)

3rd Elliot Reed-Hughes (95)

4th Michael Morgan

5th Sam Cooper (44)


Front Fairing and Driving Standards penalties changed the outcome for a few competitors in JTKM. Elliot Norton’s (75) and Luke Woodward (46) battled it out all day: Elliot Norton (75) collecting two 1sts and two 2nds; Luke Woodward (46), two 1sts, a 2nd and a 4th. Thomas Warner (17) picked up the remaining 2nd position in Heat 1 and a 3rd in Heat 2 but the rest of his day didn’t exactly go to plan. Oliver Rands (27) also had a mixed day, managing to take 3rd in the Final and in Heat 1.

Luke Woodward (46) claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 42.27 in the Final and the fastest average speed of 62.89 also in Heat 3.

1st Elliot Norton (75)

2nd Luke Woodward (46)

3rd Oliver Rands (27)

4th Oliver Gaillard (20)

5th Oliver Bowen (55)


This class was like a game of follow the leader. Emily Jackson (6) had a successful meeting, leading in every race and going home with a full set of 1sts. Bryn Evans (77) was hot on her heels but couldn’t quite catch her, ending up with a full set of 2nds. Kaycee Lynch (41) took 3rd in every race.

Bryn Evans (77) grabbed the fastest Junior Rotax lap in Heat 2 with a 41.33 and Emily Jackson (6) achieved the fastest average speed of 64.12 mph in Heat 2.

1st Emily Jackson (6)

2nd Bryn Evans (77)

3rd Kaycee Lynch (41)


Keen to hold onto his lead in the Championship table, Jeremy Lock (72) was a man on a mission, taking 1st in all heats and the Final. Charlie Gromett (6) and James Drabwell (5) took it in turns to take 2nd. James Drabwell (5) was slightly ahead on 3rd places with two to Charlie Gromett’s (6) one. Novice Alfie Wilkes (22) took the remaining 3rd position.

Jeremy Lock (72) claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 44.89 in Heat 2 and the fastest average speed of 58.83 mph in the same race.

1st Jeremy Lock (72)

2nd Charlie Gromett (6)

3rd James Drabwell (5)

4th William Bloom (56)


Thomas Parker (72) started the day well leading in every lap of Heat 1 and coming away with 1st place, completing the day with two further top three places including 2nd in the Final. Ben Maxim (26) resigned to 2nd in Heat 1 picked up the pace and grabbed the remaining 1st positions. Josh Twitchen (25) was fairly consistent with three 3rd places and one 2nd. 2nd position in Heat 2 was taken by Adam Forrester (18).

Ben Maxim (17) claimed the fastest Senior Rotax lap of the day with a 40.34 in Heat 2 and the top average speed of 65.72 mph in the same race.

1st Ben Maxim (26)

2nd Thomas Parker (72)

3rd Josh Twitchen (25)

4th Adam Forrester (18)

5th Dylan Tatham (55)


A consistent day for Championship leader, Robert Peachey (00) who led for most of the day and took home a full hand of 1sts. Heat 2 saw Jay Ford (99) briefly take the lead and some battling for position in the field. Robert Reeve (15) took one 3rd and three 2nd places including the Final. Jay Ford (99) took 2nd in Heat 2 but couldn’t quite manage another top three position. Phil Patience (46) took 3rd position in Heat 3 and the Final and Justin Clarke (48) took the remaining 3rd of the day.

Justin Clarke (48) snapped up the fastest Rotax 177 lap of the day with a 41.78 in Heat 2

Robert Peachey (00) achieved the fastest average speed of 62.57 mph in the Final.

1st Robert Peachey (00)

2nd Robert Reeve (15)

3rd Phil Patience (46)

4th Jay Ford (99)

5th Justin Clarke (48)


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