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Club 2000, Round 7 & 8, Double Header Weekend, 4-5 September 2021

Report by Nathan Blake

Round 7: For the first day of the double-header, we saw some great racing in every class. The weather was ideal for racing; it was slightly cold but stayed dry all day.

Round 8: For the second day of the double-header, yet again, the weather stayed nice all day and the racing was close in every class.

Honda Cadet - Round 7

We had a different line-up this round with, novices, Archie-lee Bullock (14) and Harlie Cooper (82) joining the grid. Overall, we saw good competition up and down the grid between all drivers. Fastest lap was set by Teddie Cooper (79) with a 46.508 in qualifying.

In Qualifying, Kiean Sullivan (26) left the dummy grid but seemed to have his choke on. After doing a lap, Kiean pitted with his dad coming to the rescue. After that, Kiean came back out putting his kart onto the front row into 2nd. Theo Hamilton (30) had a great session qualifying in 4th ahead of the two novices.

Heat 1

Theo (30) spun out on the formation lap just before the grid causing the young driver to start from 6th behind the novices. With Teddie Cooper (97) running away with it, Harlie (82) and Archie (14) were close together. While they were busy battling, Theo (30) started to sneak up on them. Coming round to take the chequered flag, Archie (14) got a great run out of paddock to pass Harlie (82) on the line by 0.007s!

Heat 2

With Archie (14) now starting in front of Harlie (82) for the second heat, Harlie (82) was itching to get a good start and both did, putting them past Archie (14) and Kiean (26) on the first lap. Will Rogers (53) also got the start perfect as he also moved past Kiean (26) coming into the French Curve. Theo, trying to gain on the pack, made a mistake and spun around the Esses, unfortunately, pushing him further back into last. Soon after, Kiean (26) got alongside Harlie (82) past the tower but sensibly backed out. With a better opportunity this time, Kiean (26) passed Harlie (82) into the Esses. With Harlie (82) in front, Archie (14) was close behind looking for an opportunity. Coming around the Esses, Archie (14) performed a switchback onto Harlie (82) but was strongly, and fairly, squeezed out. Into Senna the next lap, Archie (14) lunged inside Harlie (82) and squeezed them on exit. A forceful but good move.

Heat 3

The start of heat 3 was very uniform with everybody keeping their positions. Around the Esses, Kiean (26) moved to the inside of Will (53) but was covered off and stayed behind. A lap later, Kiean (26) tried again on the Warren, passing up the inside and staying ahead. 2 laps from the end, with Teddie (79) coming to lap Harlie (82) and Theo (30), Harlie (82) heavily slowed for the blue flag accidentally letting Theo (30) past. A couple of corners later and now ahead of Harlie (82), Theo (30) was shown a blue for Kiean (26) and Will (53) to come past but he slowed down a bit too much and Harlie (82) passed to regain position.


In the final, we had a lazy start from Theo (30) on the grid. Into Senna, Archie (14) ran a little wide and spun. With nowhere else to go, Harlie (82) ran into the side of them. Both drivers were okay with no stoppage required. Throughout the race, Kiean (26) was close behind Teddie (79) waiting for an opportunity to pass. Meanwhile, Theo (30) was catching up to Harlie (82). Unfortunately, coming to the last lap, Teddie (79) celebrated a lap early with Harlie (82) passing for the lead. After realising, Teddie (79) drove hard to catch Harlie (82) but with a 4s gap, he was hoping for a miracle. With both leaders coming to lap Theo (30) and Harlie (82), Harlie, again, slowed down a little too much for the blue flags allowing Theo (30) to pass fairly for 5th.

1st – Kiean Sullivan (26)

2nd – Teddie Cooper (79)

3rd – Will Rogers (53)

4th – Archie-Lee Bullock (14)

5th – Theo Hamilton (30)

Honda Cadet - Round 8

Again, some close racing for all the cadets. In particular, Theo Hamilton (30) showed consistency and aggressiveness this round. Will Rogers (53) also showed his great defending skills. Teddie Cooper had set the fastest lap overall in heat 2 with a 46.561.

Heat 1

Theo Hamilton (30) put in a good qualifying performance to start in front of Harlie Cooper (82) for heat 1. Everyone had a good, clean getaway from the lights and immediately, coming into the French Curve, Harlie (82) tried the inside of Theo (30) but Theo covered well and stayed ahead. All race, Kiean Sullivan (26) was close to Teddie Cooper (79) but Teddie (79) defended well and Kiean (26) couldn’t find a way past.

Heat 2

For heat 2, Theo (30) started in front of Harlie (82) on the grid. As the lights went green, Theo (30) had a lazy start causing Harlie (82) to pass him before the first corner. Getting a great exit out of 180, Will Rogers (53) moved to the inside of Kiean (26) into the Warren and passed him up the back straight. A few laps from the end, Teddie (79) had a half spin coming out of Paddock and with Will (53) close behind, Teddie (79) lost the lead. However, a couple of corners later into 180, Teddie (79) lunged to the inside of Will (53) and regained his lead. Unfortunately, we saw a technical exclusion for Kiean (26) for non-compliance with engine regulations.

Heat 3

With Kiean (26) starting at the back for the third heat, we looked forward to seeing his recovery. Kiean (26) passed Theo (30) into Senna and before the end of the first lap, he also passed Harlie (82) by getting a great exit out of Paddock. Putting in some quick laps, Kiean (26) managed to get close to Will (53) by lap 3. On this lap, Kiean (26) got a great exit out of Paddock and passed Will (53) into the French Curve. Looking to get his position back, Will (53) attempted a move onto Kiean (26) into Senna but spun. Meanwhile, Theo (30) was catching Harlie (82) and soon enough, he was on his tail. Theo (30) looked to pass Harlie (82) onto the Warren but spun.


During the final, it was very close between Will (53) and Kiean (26). Despite Kiean (26) itching to get past all race, Will (53) showed great defending skills and kept his 2nd place finish. We also saw a beautiful move from Theo (30). Building up to it, he put in some great laps to get close to Harlie (82). With time running out, Theo (30) switched from the outside to the inside of Harlie (82) on paddock and passed just 2 laps from the end.

1st – Teddie Cooper (79)

2nd – Will Rogers (53)

3rd – Kiean Sullivan (26)

4th – Theo Hamilton (30

5th – Harlie Cooper (82)

Minimax - Round 7

Again, Alex Beale (43) was the only Minimax with us this round, joining onto the back of the Junior Rotax races. There was great consistency from the driver today, putting in a fastest lap of 42.282 set in heat 2 – 3 tenths quicker than last round. Despite a spin on Senna on the first lap of the final, Alex (43) recovered well to put some clean laps in.

1st – Alex Beale (43)