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Club 2000 | Round 7 | 4 June 2022

Club2000 returned to normality this round and it was a great day. With a larger number of entries than usual, the track was busy and there was no shortage of great racing. There was a threat of rain throughout the day, however it only sprinkled for a short amount of time, leaving the track dry for the most part.


Honda Cadet

Although there were a lot of entrants, the cadets were quite uniform this round. This isn't a bad thing by any means and it was due to the great quality of driving up and down the grid. The top three were in a league of their own with the trio not exchanging positions once for the entire day. Teddie Cooper (79) took away the fastest lap - a 46.395 in heat 3.

After a great last lap in qualifying, Lewis Riley (90) took his first Club2000 podium in the first heat without much pressure from behind. Nathan Gange (89) was on the second step and was putting pressure on Teddie (79) on occasion. He didn't manage to pass, though, so Teddie (79) took away maximum points, extending his championship lead.

Ethan Okoro's (34) pace has been steadily improving each month with Round 7 being his best performance so far. After starting the day in 7th, he made a couple of moves to take him up to 5th by the final. In the final, he had a good battle for 4th with Alfie Rich (27) and ultimately came out on top when he took the chequered flag.

Towards the back of the grid, novices Jack Neve (33) and Freddie Firmin (16) were racing each other quite closely. At some points, it was so close. In the final, the pair came together twice; Jack (33) partially climbed up Freddie (16) and soon after, the pair clashed and Jack (33) received a B/W warning.


1st – Teddie Cooper (79)

2nd – Nathan Gange (89)

3rd – Lewis Riley (90)

4th – Ethan Okoro (34)

5th – Alfie Rich (27)

Clubman Results

1st – Archie-lee Bullock (14)

2nd – George Phillips (44)

3rd – Zachary Plumb (10)

4th - Harlie Cooper (82)

5th - Herbie Wiggins (58)



We were pleased to see many of the drivers who attended the double-header had stayed with us for Round 7. Despite there just being four entrants (not including the Junior TKM who joined them) there was some great racing. With Will Rogers (53) not in attendance, Alex Chlebiej (7) took the lead in the championship after the weekend by 6 points.

Harry Clogger (72) had a good weekend overall despite a couple of setbacks. At the beginning of heat 3, his chain dropped but he still took pole in the final. On the first lap of the final, he spun on the first corner and dropped to the back. After passing Alex (7) around the Esses and pulling off a great switchback onto Will (66) out of Senna, he took the lead and stayed there until the end.


1st – Harry Clogger (72)

2nd – Will Archer (66)

3rd – Alex Chlebiej (7)

4th - Ben Bourne (12)


Junior Rotax