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Club 2000, Round 6, 3 July 2021

Report by Nathan Blake

The threat of rain loomed all day with some showers shaking up the racing.


Great racing today from all cadets this round despite only four entries. Theo Hamilton (30) has greatly improved since last round, now being between 2-3 seconds away from the experienced cadets. In Heat 2, Will Rogers (53) had a great start off the line to move up into 1st place but Teddie Cooper (79) was hot on his heels throughout the race. As Teddie Cooper (79) looked up the inside of Will Rogers (53) to take the lead, he seemed to lock up and spin; Kiean Sullivan (26) capitalised on this and moved up into 2nd.


In Heat 3, Will Rogers (53) felt the pressure from Kiean Sullivan (26) making a mistake while being overtaken. Teddie Cooper (79), close behind them, followed Kiean Sullivan (26) through into 2nd. A few laps later, Teddie Cooper (79) pushed Kiean Sullivan (26) wide on 180 corner and gained position resulting in a one place penalty for him.


The Final started with Kiean Sullivan (26) defending a great start from Will Rogers (53). With the three leaders close together, Will Rogers (53) passed Kiean Sullivan (26) on the inside of paddock with Teddie Cooper (79) following him through, both taking 1st and 2nd respectively. Will Rogers (53) and Kiean Sullivan (26) each gained 138 points towards the championship.


1st Will Rogers (53)

2nd Teddie Cooper (79)

3rd Kiean Sullivan (26)

4th Theo Hamilton (30)



With Alex Beale (43) being the only minimax in attendance again, he joined onto the back of the Junior Rotax grid. Alex Beale (43) put in a good performance even with the changeable weather conditions with a fastest lap of 42.59 during the day.


1st Alex Beale (43)



Cerys Pettitt (53) was the only X30 in attendance today but she seemed to have issues with her kart.  After driving in a wet Heat 1 and retiring in both the 1st and 3rd heats just a few laps from the end, she managed well in the Final and set a 41.9 in not very desirable conditions.


1st Cerys Pettitt (53)