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Club 2000, Round 5, 1st August 2020

We were blessed with a hot, sunny day for Round 5; the 2nd post lockdown.

All that pent-up energy from months in quarantine was put to good use and we had three new lap records: Honda – Joshua Smith: 46.11; Minimax – Elliot Reed-Hughes: 42.19; Senior Rotax – Ben Maxim: 39.89.


Joshua Smith (15) was a man on a mission in this round. He led from the beginning and ended up with 1st’s in all heats and the Final. Luke Bate (9) was his closest contender for most of the day, only dropping position in one heat, ending up with a near full set of 2nds and a 4th in Heat 3. 3rd place in each heat and the final was taken by a different driver: Heat 1: Lewis Cadwell

(28); Heat 2: Hayden Gray (16); Heat 3: Ollie Clark-Ward (4); Final: Jenson Mason (58)

Joshua Smith (15) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with a 46.11 in Heat 2 which got him the Honda lap record; he also achieved the fastest average speed of 57.14 mph in Heat 3.

1st Joshua Smith (15)

2nd Luke Bate (9)

3rd Jenson Mason (58)

4th Hayden Gray (16)

5th Ollie Clark-Ward (4)

MINIMAX The Minimax drivers don’t seem to like to hog a position preferring to take it in turns to get a top 3 placing! Most consistent was Elliot Reed-Hughes (95) with a 2nd and two 1sts, including the Final. Others grabbing a 1st was Matthew Copsey (97) with one 1st and a 3rd in the Final, and Katie Ashman with one 1st and one 2nd. Alfie Campbell (40) took two 2nds including the Final and Emily Jackson (26) who managed two 3rds in the heats.

Elliot Reed-Hughes (95) claimed the fastest Minimax lap of the day and the Minimax lap record with a 42.19 in the Final where he also achieved the fastest average speed of 62.85 mph.

1st Elliot Reed-Hughes (95)

2nd Alfie Campbell (40)

3rd Matthew Copsey (97)

4th Jenson Weston (34)

5th Katie Ashman (53) JUNIOR TKM Unlike Minimax, the Junior TKM positions were pretty much set in stone, with Elliot Norton (75) taking a full hand of 1sts, Thomas Warner (17) a full set of 2nds, Freya Woodall (16) a full set of 3rds. Oliver Rands (27), Jake Cox (26) and Luke Jarman (18) took it in turns to come home in 4th.

Elliot Norton (75) claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 42.25 as well as the fastest average speed of 63.04 in Heat 3.

1st Elliot Norton (75)

2nd Thomas Warner (17)

3rd Freya Woodall (16)

4th Oliver Rands (27)

5th Luke Jarman (18) JUNIOR ROTAX Bryn Evans (77) and Henry Beaumont (4) took 1st and 2nd position in turns. Alex Lyall (11) took 3rd place in the heats but Chloe Kunjasic (14) did let it all go his way, taking 3rd in the Final.

Bryn Evans (77) grabbed the fastest Junior Rotax lap in the Final with a 41.59 and Henry Beaumont (4) achieved the fastest average speed of 63.85 mph in the Final.

1st Henry Beaumont (4)

2nd Bryn Evans (77)

3rd Chloe Kunjasic (14)

JUNIOR PROKART It seems that Charlie Gromett (6) had had enough of tailing Jeremy Lock (72) in Heat 1 and pulled out all the stops taking 1st in the rest of the heats and the Final leaving Jeremy with runner up 2nd place. James Drabwell (5) made a promising start in Heat 1 with 3rd place but couldn’t maintain the pace leaving 3rd open for Theo Grey (35) in the rest of the heats and the Final.

Charlie Gromett (6) claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 44.06 and the fastest average speed of 60.09 mph in Heat 3.

1st Charlie Gromett (6)

2nd Jeremy Lock (72)

3rd Theo Grey (35)

4th Harvey Cursley (44) SENIOR TKM Spencer Lane (11) blazed his own trail for the Senior TKMs. Spencer’s fastest lap was 41.98 in the Final and his top average speed of 62.59 mph in the Final.

1st Spencer Lane (11) SENIOR ROTAX Josh Twitchen (25) had a good start with 1st place in Heat 1 but sadly for him, his luck didn’t last, ending with a DNS in the Final. Ben Maxim (17) took advantage and after a 2nd in Heat 1, took 1sts in all the other Heats and the Final. Adam Forrester (18) came away with one 3rd and three 2nds with Arundel Hughes (24) taking the remaining 3rds.

Ben Maxim (17) claimed the fastest Senior Rotax lap of the day and the lap record with a 39.89 in Heat 2 and the top average speed of 66.22 mph in the Final.

1st Ben Maxim (26)

2nd Adam Forrester (18)

3rd Arundel Hughes (24) SENIOR ROTAX 177 Robert Peachey (00) was on the pace all day taking 1st in all heats and the final with Phil Patience (46) ‘patiently’ settling for 2nd every time. Jamie Allen (34) took 3rd in Heat 1 but didn’t make it back on track for the rest of the day leaving it open for Trevor Palmer (36) and Tony Cohen (23) to take it in turns.

Robert Peachey (00) achieved both the top average speed 63.14 mph in the Final and the fastest Rotax 177 lap of the day with a 41.58 in Heat 3

1st Robert Peachey (00)

2nd Phil Patience (46)

3rd Trevor Palmer (36)


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