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Club 2000 | Round 3 | 5 March 2022

Because of the non-stop rain the day before, we started with a very wet track. Throughout the day, there were intermittent showers and it seemed as though whenever the track started drying, it would rain again. Nonetheless, it was a great day of racing.

Honda Cadet

George Phillips (44) & Theo Hamilton (30)

It was another round of domination from Teddie Cooper (79) as, for the third round in a row, he took home maximum points. Newcomer, Zac Champney (61) was very quick, took 2nd in the heats and after a rocky start in the final, he made a great comeback to finish 7th. Kevin Ivanov (50) was also new to Club2000 and showed impressive pace, taking 3rd in heat 3 and the final. Lucien Smith (43) was racing hard with anyone who was in his way and managed his first podium finish in the second heat. The fastest lap was set by Teddie (79) - a 53.705 in wet conditions.

Heat 1

It was a clean start apart from an early getaway from Harlie Cooper (82). Coming around the Esses on the first lap, Alfie Hull (19) suffered a spin and Ethan Okoro (34), close behind, spun in reaction. Alfie Rich (27) and Lucien Smith (43) both had good starts, passing the driver ahead of them by the end of the first lap. Lucien (43) and George Phillips (44) had a good battle from 180 into the Warren where George (44) stayed ahead. Kevin Ivanov (50) was pressuring Harlie (82) until Harlie (82) suffered a spin and Kevin (50) inherited his position.

Heat 2

As Zac Champney (61) pulled away from the Dummy Grid, his kart began spluttering. Determined, he continued along the straight at a snails pace and the issue cleared. On the start, John Richardson (48) and Harlie (82) had a good reaction to the lights. Lucien (43) had a good first lap and passed George (44) and Alfie R (27) to take 4th. George (44) also lost out to Theo Hamilton (30) on the start but, on the next lap, he passed Theo (30) along the back straight. On the lap after that, Theo (30) lost another position to Kevin (50) after having a spin around 180. Meanwhile, Alfie (19) (who had dropped to the back after lap 1) pulled off into the pits and retired. Coming around the Esses, George (44) lost the rear and spun, allowing Kevin (50) to take 6th. A lap later, Kevin (50) continued his great pace and passed Alfie R (27) and George (44) followed him through. Meanwhile, coming around the Warren, Lucien (43) executed a great switchback on John (48) for 3rd place.

Heat 3

This time around, Lucien (43) suffered on the first lap with a spin coming around the Warren. George (44) didn't have the best of starts either after going off onto the grass at the French Curve. On the other hand, Kevin (50) found himself in 3rd after passing Lucien (43) and John (48). While pressuring Alfie H (19) on the second lap, George (44) got a bit too close and spun his rear around - picking up a B/W warning. The other Alfie (27) was having a better race up to this point, taking 4th from John (48) after a good start and a good move on the second lap. On lap 4, after pressuring Harlie (82) for a while, Lucien (43) had another unfortunate spin and lost another couple of positions. George (44) capitalised nicely from this though and passed both drivers for 7th. A lap later, Lucien (43) started regaining some positions, passing Alfie H (19) out of 180 then Harlie (82) soon after. The chequered flag came out just before he could pass George (44).


Again, Harlie (82) was a bit too keen to get going and picked up a jump start penalty. Coming into the French Curve, there was contact between John (48) and Zac Champney (61). Zac (61) was much worse off considering he spun and dropped to last. John (48) was given a B/W warning and continued racing in 2nd. Lucien (43) and Theo (30) had good first laps since they took 4th and 6th respectively. After a couple of laps, there was some more contact but this time between Kevin (50) and Theo (30) where Theo (30) was showed hard defence and pushed wide around 180; resulting in a B/W warning for Kevin (50). On the next lap, Kevin (50) switched his defence to attack, got alongside Lucien (43) into the French Curve and fought side-by-side coming through Senna. Since he had the inside, Kevin (50) cleanly stayed ahead. Meanwhile, Zac (61) was making a comeback. Up to this point, he had passed three drivers and made it up to 8th. George (44) was pressuring Theo (30) for a few laps until he executed a great switchback around Paddock and took 6th. Another couple of laps later, Zac (61) made a lunge to the inside of Theo (30) into the French Curve - it was brave and it paid off. Coming into 180 there was some side-by-side contact between the pair and Theo (30) ended up in the tyres and sadly didn't continue racing.

1st – Teddie Cooper (79)

2nd – John Richardson (48)

3rd – Kevin Ivanov (50)

4th – Alfie Rich (27)

5th – Lucien Smith (43)

Clubman Results

In the Honda Cadet class, any driver who has never finished within the top 5 in a final participates in the Clubman class. Trophies are awarded to the highest finishing drivers within this class alongside their Honda Cadet results.

1st – Kevin Ivanov (50)

2nd – Lucien Smith (43)

3rd – George Phillips (44)

4th - Zac Champney (61)

5th - Alfie Hull (19)


Alex Chlebiej (7)

It was only Alex Chlebiej (7) in a Minimax this round and the novice got a lot of practice in for when he's hopefully joined by a bigger grid in the future. Apart from a couple of moments, Alex (7) drove well and was consistent throughout the day in the challenging conditions. His fastest lap was set in the second heat - a 58.921

Junior Rotax

Adam White (13), Elliott Reed-hughes (95), Liam Phillips (3) & Cameron Pottle (7)

Alex Beale (43) seemed to be in top form this round as he had his first and second ever podium in a Junior Rotax. Seamus Cox (79) seemed quick this round too. Despite a poor start in heat 2, he managed to redeem himself and didn't concede any positions for the rest of the day. Jenson Weston (34) managed to extend his lead in the championship and reigning champion, Matthew Copsey (97) couldn't quite take any points from him. Along with maximum points, Jenson (34) had the fastest lap - a 49.961 in Heat 3.

Heat 1

Qualifying was cut short for Matthew Copsey (97) after having an off at the French Curve and retiring - Thankfully he was okay and joined us for Heat 1 albeit in 7th. Sam Cooper (44) started pole and Jenson Weston (34) initially had a slow getaway but coming around Senna, he took the lead from Sam (44) with a bit of muscle. Elliott Reed-hughes (95), who started behind the pair, had a spin into 180. When he rejoined, he was unfortunately last. Matthew (97) had a good first lap and made it up to 3rd by the end of it. A couple laps later, Finnlay Stubbings (58) spun into the French Curve and Ben Thompson (30) spun shortly after into him. The red flags came out and while Steve the Paramedic checked the pair over, the race was called.

Heat 2

Seamus Cox (79) didn't have a great getaway from the lights as his kart seemed to bog down. Elliott (95), on the other hand, had a great start and gained 4 positions by the end of the first lap. Sam (44) had lost a couple of positions, leaving Matthew (97) and Alex Beale (43) to inherit 2nd & 3rd. Seamus (79) began a charge to the front and he started by passing Cameron Pottle (7) up the inside into Senna. Next, he passed Jason Ducis (16) to the inside of the French Curve. Cameron (7) followed a couple of corners later with a great switchback around 180. Elliott (95) was continuing his pace too and made a good move to the inside of Anthony Ward (33) into paddock for 5th. Adam White (13), who held 7th since the start, was beginning to pressure Anthony (33) but he became vulnerable to Seamus (79) and was passed just a few laps from the end. Anthony (33) defended well and kept 6th.

Heat 3

Jenson (34) was slow on the start and Matthew (97) took the lead. Over the next lap, Jenson (34) was pressuring hard. Despite Matthew's (97) defence, he created a gap to the inside into the Warren, and passed for the lead. Sam (44) had a good start this time around and had passed Alex (43) for 3rd. Seamus (79) continued his work from the previous heat and was hot on the heels of Anthony (33). Coming around 180, he pulled off a switchback and took 6th. Adam (13) began pressuring Anthony (33) and as he was attacking, there was contact - Adam (13) picked up a B/W warning and Anthony (33) dropped a couple of positions. On the last lap, things went from bad to worse for him as he spun coming around Paddock and dropped a couple more positions.


After starting 10th, Jason (16) impressively passed three drivers by the end of the first lap and took 7th. Seamus (79) had passed Alex (43) by the end of the first lap but Alex (43) fought back on the next lap and retook 4th from him. Elliott (95) had a great day up to this point, considering the comeback he'd made after his start to heat 1. Coming into Paddock, he made a mistake and collided with the tyres. Understandably, he was fuming and his day sadly ended on a low. Meanwhile, Alex (43) was looking quick and began pressuring Sam (44) for a spot on the podium. On lap 6, he made the move and took 3rd. On the last couple of laps, Adam (13) was pressuring Jason (16) but the chequered flag came out before Jason's (16) defence could fail.

1st – Jenson Weston (34)

2nd – Matthew Copsey (97)

3rd – Alex Beale (43)

4th – Sam Cooper (44)

5th – Seamus Cox (79)

Junior TKM

Liam Bermoy (27)

It was just William Briant (97) and Liam Bermoy (27) this round and the pair were tacked onto the back of the Junior Rotax grid. The track was treacherous yet the pair did well to drive cleanly in the conditions. There were a few moments between them but, overall, it seemed like a great day for them. They both found themselves mixed up in the Junior Rotax pack on occasion and both kept the driving clean, consistent and of a professional standard. The fastest lap was set by William (97) - a 56.311 in Heat 3.