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Club 2000 | Round 2 | 5 February 2022

For the first time in what felt like forever, we had a dry Club2000 round. However, the weather still wasn’t perfect owing to the strong gusts of wind which cut through you when you least expected.

Honda Cadet

It was a brilliant day for all of the cadets and we had the pleasure of witnessing some top-class battles from almost everyone – The exception being a very quick Teddie Cooper (79) who had the lead all day and was totally unchallenged for it. John Richardson (48) and Max Wheatley (12) were very competitive, battling each-other every race. Nathan Gange (89) had a great performance in the final, impressively making his way from 9th up to 3rd against a challenging grid. The fastest lap was set by Teddie (79) in heat 3 – a 46.890.

Heat 1

It was the first race of the day and it was a clean start. Teddie Cooper (79) reacted to the lights well and got away quickly. John Richardson (48) and Harlie Cooper (82) both gained places in the first lap but on the second lap, George Phillips (44) took a position back from Harlie (82). On lap 3, coming into Senna. Max Wheatley (12) moved to the inside of John (48) and took 2nd back from him. Coming out of the Esses, George (44) and Arthur Pharoah (24) had a coming together and tangled. George (44) suffered the most as he dropped to last and Arthur (24) dropped to 8th. Sam Howell (8) and Lucien Smith (43) took advantage of this and each gained 2 places. A couple of laps later, despite Max’s (12) defence, John (48) made a clean switchback around 180 to take 2nd again. Just 2 corners later, Max (12) moved to the inside into the Esses but John (48) held it around the outside and had the inside for the right-hander to stay ahead. A lap later, Lucien (43) passed Theo Hamilton (30). Then, coming out of the Esses, Theo (30) clattered with Alfie Rich (27) and the pair tangled, sadly dropping them both to last. Another lap later, coming into Senna, Nathan Gange (89) moved to the inside of Max (12) and took second. Max (12) was still on his tail until they came around the Esses when Max (12) took the position back. However, Nathan (89) was determined and passed Max (12) for the second time and made it stick. For the first race of the day, it was very eventful and to add to it, on the in-lap after the chequered flag, one of Nathan’s (89) wheels flew off coming around the Esses!

Heat 2

Again, it was a clean start. Nathan (89) had a good reaction and passed John (48) for 2nd. Coming into Senna though, John (48) bravely lunged to the inside of Nathan (89) and took 2nd back. Finishing off the first lap, Arthur (24) got into a spin out of Paddock and ran into the tyres. With Paramedic Steve on the way to check that he was okay, the Battenberg flag came out to neutralise the racing. Once Arthur (24) was confirmed okay and the corner was safe, the green flag came out to return to racing. Alfie (27) shortly passed Lucien (43) for 6th and a lap later, Nathan (89) passed John (48) for 2nd. Max (12) began putting pressure on John (48) when, coming around Senna, John (48) had a spin. With little time to react, Max (12) spun too and the pair recollected themselves and kept racing in the same order they spun in. A bit further back, George (44) was pressuring Harlie (82) and Alfie (27) was pressuring Sam (8). Coming out of 180, Alfie (27) got a good run and made it alongside and past Sam (8) up to the Warren. Coming up the back straight, Sam (8) slowed down and appeared to have an issue. Coming along the Simpson straight, he unfortunately pulled over and retired. Meanwhile, Harlie (82) defended well from George (44).

Heat 3

Reacting to the lights a little early, Teddie (79) picked up a jump-start penalty. Around the first corner, Harlie (82) got onto the rear of George (44), pushing the driver wide and taking position – resulting in a Black and White warning. Sam (8) had a great start, passing 3 drivers by the end of the first lap to take 7th. On the second lap, Arthur (24) passed George (44) into the Warren and Theo (30), close behind, took advantage and followed Arthur (24) through. A lap later, Arthur (24) continued his pace and bravely passed Harlie (82) all the way around the outside through the French Curve. Shortly after, George (44) took position back from Theo (30) by moving to the inside into Senna. Meanwhile, towards the front, Max (12) was pressuring John (48) for 3rd. Into Senna, George (44), again, moved to the inside and passed Harlie (82) for 9th. A lap later, around 180, Lucien (43) ran deep, donating his position to Sam (8) who was close behind. After pressuring John (48), Max (12) moved to the outside around the Esses, held his kart nicely on the limit of grip, then took the inside for the right-hander to stay ahead. The next lap, John (48) was close behind and determined - He pulled a great switchback around the Warren to have the inside of Max (12) into the Esses. Another lap later, Max (12) took the inside into the Esses this time. He pulled ahead and began defending hard. Then, around Senna, John (48) suffered a spin which ended the battle. As he re-joined, Alfie (27) was coming around the corner and the pair came together – sadly causing Alfie (27) to retire.


Coming around the French Curve on the start, Max (12) went into a spin, dropping him from 5th to last. Then, coming around Senna, Theo (30) and Harlie (82) came together and held up Nathan (89) who had a slow start. After everyone had settled, Sam (8) had a good run out of the Warren and passed Lucien (43) for 3rd. Soon, Alfie (27) moved to the inside down to Paddock and impressively passed Lucien (43) around the outside despite his defence. Alfie (27) continued his pace and caught up Sam (8). Coming out of 180, Alfie (27) got a good run and passed Sam (8) to stay ahead around the Warren. Meanwhile, Nathan (89) was charging towards the front and up to this point, he had already passed 3 drivers. Continuing his pace, Nathan (89) passed Lucien (43) and Sam (8) within 2 laps, which put him close behind Alfie (27) in 3rd. Alfie (27) defended well but coming into Senna, Nathan (89) spotted a gap to the inside and moved into it to take 3rd from him. A bit further back, Theo (30) was pressuring George (44). Along the Simpson straight, Theo (30) took the inside and held it nicely around the outside of George (44) and passed.

1st – Teddie Cooper (79)

2nd – John Richardson (48)

3rd – Nathan Gange (89)

4th – Alfie Rich (27)

5th – Sam Howell (8)

Clubman Results

In the Honda Cadet class, any driver who has never finished within the top 5 in a final participates in the Clubman class. Trophies are awarded to the highest finishing drivers within this class alongside their Honda Cadet results.

1st – John Richardson (48)

2nd – Sam Howell (8)

3rd – Lucien Smith (43)


This round, Will Rogers (53) was joined by Alex Chlebiej (7). The pair were quite evenly matched and even had a couple of good battles. In the first heat, coming around the first corner, Alex (7) pulled a switchback on Will (53) and took the lead for Minimax. Later on in the race, coming around Paddock, Alex (7) had an unfortunate spin and donated the lead to Will (53). The second heat was uneventful for both drivers but in the third heat, they had a good battle on the first lap; Alex (7) had a good start and passed Will (53) into the first corner. Coming into the Esses though, Will (53) moved to the inside of Alex (7) and was far enough ahead to take the lead for the right-hander. In the final, again, Alex (7) had a good start and moved past Will (53). However, when coming through paddock, Alex (7) had a spin, leaving Will (53) to inherit the lead. The fastest lap was set by Alex (7) in heat 3 – a 44.953.

Junior Rotax

It was another round of good racing from these young drivers. Front runners, Sam Cooper (44) and Jenson Weston (34) were challenging each-other all day with the pair taking home equal points. Alex Beale (43) and Anthony Ward (33) had a good tussle in the last 2 races and, despite a bit of contact owing to the hard racing, the pair were well matched. Jenson Mason (85) and, novice, Seamus Cox (79) drove well too, staying out of trouble and taking home a decent number of points. Jenson W (34) set the fastest lap of the Juniors – a 40.797 in the final.

Heat 1

It was a clean start but Anthony Ward (33) seemingly struggled to accelerate off the start. On the other hand, Michael Morgan (54) had a good start, passing 3 drivers before the end of the first lap. However, on lap 2, he peeled off into the pits and retired. On the same lap, Anthony (33) began pressuring Raffy Celentano (46). Coming out of the Esses, Anthony (33) had a good run and passed Raffy (46) coming into Paddock. At the front, Sam Cooper (44) was right on the back of Jenson Weston (34). In the middle of the pack, Alex Beale (43) was pressuring Cameron Pottle (7) who had got past him on the start. On lap 7, Alex (43) went for a deep lunge into the right-hander of the Esses where he bashed wheels with Cameron (7) and lost a couple of positions. 2 laps from the end, after Jenson (34) defended for almost the entire race, Sam (44) executed a perfect switchback around Senna and took the lead.

Heat 2

Coming around the first corner after the start, Finnlay Stubbings (58) went around in a spin. Amidst the chaos, Raffy (46) tagged the rear of Anthony’s (33) kart, sending him in a spin too. Almost immediately, Jenson (34) began putting pressure on Sam (44). The top 6 were close all race. On lap 6, Alex (43) got a good run out of 180 and got alongside Raffy (46) but couldn’t quite stay ahead around the Warren. Into the French Curve on the next lap, Alex (43) bravely moved to the inside of Raffy (46) and pulled ahead coming into Senna. Despite Jenson’s (34) quick driving, Sam (44) managed to hold him off for the whole race.

Heat 3

Into the first corner, Jenson (34) made a deep lunge to the inside of Sam (44) to take the lead early. It was forceful but a totally clean move. A few laps later, Seamus Cox (79) pulled a similar move to Jenson’s (34) and lunged to the inside of Euan Richards (29) to take 5th. On lap 6, Finnlay (58) was close behind Cameron Pottle (7). Into the right-hander of the Esses, Finnlay (58) tapped the rear of Cameron (7) and passed, resulting in a Black and White warning. A lap later, Finnlay (58) was right behind Raffy (46). As Finnlay (58) passed Raffy (46), there was contact again and he was shown a second warning. Another lap later, coming into Senna, Alex (43) and Anthony (33) came together and tangled – they were both okay and continued racing until the end.


Euan (29) had a good start and by the end of the first lap, he was in 3rd. Jenson (34) also had a good start and managed to pinch the lead from Sam (44). Coming out of the last corner at the end of the lap, Cameron (7) was unusually slow as Alex (43) and Anthony (33) cruised past him. On the third lap, Jenson Mason (85) passed Euan for 4th and it was only a couple of laps until Seamus (79) had passed him too. Meanwhile, Alex (43) and Anthony (33) were having a close battle. Coming into Senna, Anthony (33) tagged the rear of Alex (43) and they both spun. After they recollected themselves, they managed to catch up to Cameron (7) who had passed them when they spun. While Anthony (33) was trying to find a way past Cameron (7), Alex (43) snuck past the pair and got ahead. Once Anthony (33) had passed Cameron (7), he was directly behind Alex (43). Coming into Paddock, Anthony tapped the rear of Alex (43) and passed, resulting in a Black and White Warning. Despite the pair fighting hard, after the race both drivers were very sporting and respectful toward each-other - Setting a great example.

1st – Jenson Weston (34)

2nd – Sam Cooper (44)

3rd – Elliott Reed-Hughes (95)

4th – Jenson Mason (85)

5th – Seamus Cox (79)

Junior TKM