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Club 2000, Round 2, 1st February 2020

We were gifted another bright and sunny day for Round 2. The new year's optimism continued and was rewarded with two new lap records. Well done to Matthew Copsey (97) for topping the Minimax leader-board at 42.91 taking 0.34 off the previous record set in 2014 and also to Ben Maxim (17) for shaving 0.25 off the previous Senior Rotax record with 40.07.


Luke Bate (9) and Joshua Smith (15) fought it out all day. Luke picked up two 1st's and two 2nd's. Joshua took two 1st's, one 2nd and a 4th. Jenson Mason (58) was closest to challenging them and sneaked a 2nd in Heat 3 completing his score card with 3rd's. The rest of the field stuck to their finishing order.

Joshua Smith (15) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with a 46.73 in the Final. Luke Bate (9) achieved the fastest average speed of 56.24 mph in the Final.

1st Luke Bate (9)

2nd Joshua Smith (15)

3rd Jenson Mason (58)

4th Ollie Clark-Ward (4)

5th Hayden Gray (16)


What an exciting class this was with no fewer than FIVE laps smashing the previous record 43.25 set in 2014.

42.91 Matthew Copsey - Heat 3

42.99 Sam Cooper - Final

43.02 Matthew Copsey - Heat 2

43.09 Sam Cooper - Heat 3

43.23 Jenson Weston - Final

Sam Cooper (44) took to his new kart well and grabbed a full set of 1st's in his first Minimax meeting. Matthew Copsey (97) and Jenson Weston (34) did their best to chase him down but couldn’t quite catch him. They shared 2nd and 3rd places all day with Matthew coming out slightly on top with three 2nd's and a 3rd and Jenson getting the remaining three 3rd's and a 2nd.

Matthew Copsey (97) claimed the fastest Minimax lap of the day and the Minimax lap record with a 42.91 in Heat 3. Sam Cooper (44) achieved the fastest average speed of 60.30 mph in the Final.

1st Sam Cooper (44)

2nd Matthew Copsey (97)

3rd Jenson Weston (34)

4th Alfie Campbell (40)

5th Elliot Reed-Hughes (95)

JUNIOR TKM There was little space between the top four. Tyler McAlpin (60) denied Elliot Norton (75) a clean sweep of 1st's: Elliot Norton (75) three 1st's and one 2nd. Tyler McAlpin (60) one 1st, two 2nd's, one 4th. Thomas Warner (17) and Freya Woodall (16) shared 3rd and 4th for the most part. Thomas Warner (17) one 2nd, two 3rd's, one 4th. Freya Woodall (16) two 3rd's and two 4th's.

Tyler McAlpin (60) claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 42.24 in the Heat 3. Elliot Norton (75) achieved the fastest average speed of 62.47 in Heat 3.

1st Elliot Norton (75)

2nd Thomas Warner (17)

3rd Freya Woodall (16)

4th Tyler McAlpin (60)

5th Ollie Handley (66)


Novice Frank Bourn (9) joined Adam Foster (92) for Round 2 but Adam’s experience gave him the advantage and handed him a full set of 1st's and full championship points. Frank was excluded from Heat 3 due to not attaining required weight.

Adam Foster (92) achieved the fastest Junior Rotax lap in the Final with a 43.12 and managed the fastest average speed of 60.74 mph in Heat 2.

1st Adam Foster (92)

2nd Frank Bourn (9)


These guys like to choose an order and stick to it! That said, there was little air between Jeremy Lock (72) and Charlie Gromett (6) with Charlie finishing only 0:00.21 and 0:00.25 down in Heat 1 and the Final respectively. Jeremy Lock (72) ended up with a clean sweep of 1st's leaving all the 2nd places to Charlie Gromett (6), all the 3rd's to James Drabwell (5) and all the 4th's to novice Harvey Cursley (44).

Charlie Gromett (6) claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 44.35 in the Final. Jeremy Lock (72) achieved the fastest average speed of 59.39 mph in Heat 3.

1st Jeremy Lock (72)

2nd Charlie Gromett (6)

3rd James Drabwell (5)


Ben Maxim (17) proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with snatching a full set of 1st's. The rest of the pack chased him down as best they could but were consigned to the lower rankings on this occasion. Josh Twitchen (25) two 2nd's and two 3rd's; Arundel Hughes (24) one 2nd, two 3rd's, one 4th;

Ben Maxim (17) claimed the fastest Senior Rotax lap of the day and the Senior Rotax lap record with a 40.07 in the Final and the top average speed of 65.62 mph in the Final.

1st Ben Maxim (17)

2nd Josh Twitchen (25)

3rd Arundel Hughes (24)

4th Zak Irvin (37)


After Alfie Lawrence’s (75) clean sweep of 1st's last month, Nic Carlton-Smith (7) seemed determined to deny him the chance of claiming the top step as his own. Nic Carlton-Smith (7) took the first two heats but Alfie Lawrence (75) came back hard and took Heat 3 and the Final. In the end they drew with 140 points each: Alfie Lawrence (75) two 1st's and two 2nd's; Nic Carlton-Smith (7) two 1st's and two 2nd's.

Alfie Lawrence (75) achieved both the top average speed 63.13 mph and the fastest Rotax 177 lap with a 40.94 in the Final.

1st Alfie Lawrence (75)

2nd Nic Carlton-Smith (7)

3rd Dan Jones (11)

4th Tony Cohen (23)

5th Joe Bourn (9)


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