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Club 2000, Round 10, 6 November 2021

Report by Nathan Blake

The weather was typically British - It was grey and overcast all day. Coming up to the late afternoon, the rain was extremely light up until the last race where it, unsurprisingly, came tumbling down.

Honda Cadet

Joshua “Bomber” Smith (E) returned to Red Lodge this round wearing his E plate after winning the

English championship. We had a bigger grid this round with a total of 8 Cadets racing. Joshua (E) took the fastest lap of everyone with a 46.721 set in heat 3. Logan Howes (56) returned to Club 2000 after a very long hiatus and proved he still knew the track well, taking 3rd twice - ahead of championship leader, Will Rogers (53).

Heat 1

To be honest, the start was quite messy. Arthur Pharoah (24), Theo Hamilton (30) and Will Rogers (53) all picked up 10s penalties for jumping the start. However, it was clean coming into Senna. Into 180, Harlie Cooper (82) looked up the inside of Theo (30) and the pair spun. Just a few laps later, Theo (30) got back at Harlie (82) and passed him for 7th. Another lap later, after losing a position to him on the start, Will (53) passed Logan Howes (56) for 3rd.

Heat 2

This time around, the start was much better. Into the first corner, everybody had slotted into their own positions and stayed exactly where they started. Moving onto lap 2, Will (53) went for a move inside Logan (56) on Senna and passed for 3rd. Unfortunately, Will (53) then made a mistake and Logan (56) was let back through within a lap. On lap 4, we saw Archie-lee Bullock (14) clip the tyres at the end of the straight and Arthur (24) pull off on Senna complaining of an injured arm. With the batten-berg flag out, the paramedic headed out to make sure Arthur (24) was okay. Before anybody had got to him, Archie-lee (14) had driven off. Once we had made sure everyone was okay, it was green flagged and we continued the racing. On the last lap Will (53) went for a move on Logan (56) and made it stick to take 3rd.

Heat 3

Again, another clean start. Arthur (24) had a very good few opening laps and passed 3 drivers in 3 laps to take 5th. He even passed Harlie (82) all the way around the outside on Senna. After this, Harlie (82), Archie-lee (14) and Theo (30) had formed a train as the trio were fighting so close together. On the last lap, Archie-lee (14) had a spin on the Warren and Theo (30) who was close behind, had nowhere to go and the pair tangled.


For our last race of the day, the rain decided to fall. After being declared open, all the cadets opted for the intermediate tyres, mitigating any risk. On the first lap, coming out of Senna, Arthur (24) spun and with Archie-lee (14) and Theo (30) close behind, they got held up leaving Harlie (82) to inherit 6th. A lap later, Teddie (79) pulled a beautiful switchback on Will (53) but another lap later, Will (53) retaliated with a deep lunge on Senna. Again, Teddie (79) behind, pulled another switchback to get ahead of Will (53). Still fighting, Will (53) lunges Teddie (79) into Senna but this time, he ran too deep and began to look vulnerable to Logan (56). On the next lap, Logan (56) took the wet line on 180 around the outside of Will (53) but sadly, Will (53) slipped and spun on the slippery dry line. However, Will (53) put his head down and gained a second per lap on Logan (56). On the final corner of the final lap, Will (53) was directly behind. He braked early, took a late apex and pulled alongside Logan (56)! However, he was just 0.083s shy of 3rd.

1st – Joshua Smith (E)

2nd – Teddie Cooper (79)

3rd – Logan Howes (56)

4th – Will Rogers (53)

5th – Arthur Pharoah (24)


Alex Beale (43) was alone again this round and the driver put in a good, consistent performance. Again, Alex (43) never was the cause of any problems and kept his head down, gaining experience and track time for when he (I assume) moves up to Junior Rotax. He also set his fastest lap in qualifying with a 42.222.

1st - Alex Beale (43)

Junior Rotax

A bigger than usual plume of smoke was spotted from the back of Anthony Ward’s (33) Rotax in practice and, after qualifying, it was suspected that the head gasket had gone, unfortunately resulting in no racing for the driver. Sam Cooper (44) was very aggressive in all the right ways, putting pressure on anyone ahead. Cameron Pottle (7), Adam White (13) and Euan Richards (29) were each having some great battles too which were a pleasure to watch. Sam (44) also set the fastest lap with a 40.975 in heat 2.

Heat 1

After snapping his track rod in qualifying, Adam White (13) had the misfortune of starting last on the grid. Coming around Senna on the first lap, Cameron Pottle (7) got too close to the rear of Michael Morgan (54) and tapped him around, resulting in a B/W warning. Elliott Reed-Hughes (95) soon took the lead from Sam Cooper (44) with Jenson Weston (34) following. Into the Esses, Jenson (34) took the inside and passed Elliott (95). Looking to take some positions back, Sam (44) took the inside out of the Esses down to Paddock and passed Elliott (95). Meanwhile, Cameron Pottle (7) was defending well from Euan Richards (29) pressuring behind. A few laps from the end though, Euan (29) went for a gap into the entry of the Esses and stayed ahead of Cameron (7).

Heat 2

For the second heat, Sam (44) had a slow start leaving Elliott (95) to inherit 2nd. However, coming out of Senna, Elliott (95) had a half-spin and dropped back behind Sam (44). Coming out of the last corner, Elliott (95) drifted wide and couldn’t avoid the tyres adjacent to Pit Lane 1. Fortunately, he was okay but sadly he bent his chassis on impact. Meanwhile, Cameron (7) and Adam (13) were having a good fight. Impressively, Adam (13) found a gap to the inside of Cameron (7) into the Esses, this took Cameron (7) by surprise. The pair banged wheels and Adam (13) fairly stayed ahead.

Heat 3

It was a clean start again and straight away, Sam (44) was on the back of Jenson (34). After lap 2 there was a second between the pair but as he put his head down, the gap was brought down to 0.2s by the end. Even with his pace, Sam (44) couldn’t get past Jenson (34) who was defending well. Again, Cameron (7) and Adam (13) were close together but with Cameron (7) defending hard, Adam (13) couldn’t find a gap to pass. Even when Cameron (7) had a moment coming out of Senna, he held it well and kept Adam (13) behind.


On the start, Cameron (7) found his way past Euan (29) up to the first corner. Euan (29) was late on the brakes and slightly tapped the rear of Cameron (7). Still looking for a way past a few laps later, Euan (29) loaded up the back of Cameron (7) around the Esses and sent him round resulting in a B/W warning. Meanwhile, Sam (44) again was close to the back of Jenson (34). At the French curve, he moves from the outside to the inside into Senna but can’t get enough alongside Jenson (34) to make it stick.

1st – Jenson Weston (34)

2nd – Sam Cooper (44)

3rd – Michael Morgan (54)

4th – Euan Richards (29)

5th – Adam White (13)

Junior TKM

Oliver Bowen (55) drove very well and hauled maximum points. Luke Bate (95) had a good couple of battles including an amazing dash to the line at the end of heat 1. He also managed to set the fastest lap of everyone with a 41.973 in heat 2. The rain in the final took all the drivers by surprise but they managed it well on their slick tyres and fought hard until the end.

Heat 1

The start was fast. Ben Bourne (12) at the back had a bit of confusion on the start and cut through the Senna link. Freya Woodall (16) had a great performance in qualifying to start 2nd but she had an unlucky start as she found herself in 5th by the end of the first lap. Luke Bate (95), on the other hand, got a good start and after the first 2 laps found himself in 3rd. Almost immediately and right up until the end, Luke (95) was pressuring Jake Cox (26) hard. On the last lap, Luke (95) pulled a switchback coming out of paddock, took the inside and pulled ahead of Jake (26) by 8 thousandths of a second for 2nd place!

Heat 2

Again, a quick start. Everyone kept their positions by the end of the first lap. On lap 2, Freya (16) lunged Jake (26) to the inside into paddock and pulled away. It was a very clean and forceful move. Some time later, Oliver Bowen (55) and Luke (95) come up to lap Ben Bourne (12). Luke (95) seemed to read Ben (12) wrong as he tagged the back of him around the Warren.

Heat 3

William Briant (97) got a good start and moved past Jessica Fitch-hall (22) to take 5th. The three leaders, Oliver (55), Luke (95) and Freya (16) were so close. For the entire race, they essentially formed a train. The trio drove flawlessly and left no room for error.


Owing to the weather, the final was quite shuffled. On the start, Freya (16) took third from Jake (26). Then, on lap 3, the rain came. With everyone on slicks, it was a struggle. With many drivers spinning, it became a fight to stay in control. Coming into Senna, Luke (95) braked late and ran into the back of Jake (26), picking up a B/W warning and plummeting Jake (26) to last. Freya (16) managed to hold well and maintain a 2nd place finish. The leader, Oliver (55) was in total control and kept his lead for the whole race. William (97) also managed the rain well to hold it and take a 4th place finish.

1st – Oliver Bowen (55)

2nd – Freya Woodall (16)

3rd – Luke Bate (95)

4th – William Briant (97)

5th – Jessica Fitch-hall (22)

Junior Prokart

For the third round in a row, William Bloom (56) took home the maximum points available, closing the lead Reece Bright (27) had for the championship. It was very close between Alfie Wilkes (22) and Cassidy Beeton (66) all day with the pair getting a little too close at times, each picking up B/W warnings. William (56) set the fastest lap in the final as he was fighting Reece (27) - a 44.575s.

Heat 1

The start was clean. By lap 3, James Drabwell (5) was already putting pressure on Reece Bright (27). James (5) looked to the inside into Senna but backed off at the last moment. Meanwhile, Harvey Cursley (44) was pressuring Alfie Wilkes (22) ahead. On the last lap, Reece (27), unfortunately, thought the race was over and slowed down, leaving lucky James (5) to inherit 2nd. By the time Reece (27) had realised his mistake, it was too late and James (5) was too far ahead.

Heat 2

Reece (27) made up for his mistake in the previous heat as he got a good launch off the line and passed James (5) for 2nd. Cassidy Beeton (66) and Alfie (22) were having a close battle. Cassidy (66) tapped the rear of Alfie (22), pushing him wide twice and resulting in 2 B/W warnings. Around the Esses, Alfie (22) was very close behind Cassidy (66). He tagged her bumper and sent his own front wheels up into the air, resulting in a B/W for him also.

Heat 3

Knowing Reece (27) was now right behind him, William Bloom (56) had to get a great start and he did. He immediately began to pull away from Reece (27). Coming around 180, Alfie (22) tagged the rear of Cassidy (66) but then made a mistake on the Warren, leaving Cassidy (66) and Harvey (44) to inherit 4th and 5th. Alfie (22) was desperate to get past but Harvey (44) put up some great defence and maintained his position.


Immediately, Alfie (22) got a great start and moved past Cassidy (66) up to the first corner. All race, Cassidy (66) was never more than half a second behind Alfie (22). Meanwhile, Reece (27) was on a charge to catch William (56). By lap 3, he was just 0.09s behind. However, William (56) clocked on and put his head down too, keeping a consistent gap between himself and the championship leader.

1st – William Bloom (56)

2nd – Reece Bright (27)

3rd – James Drabwell (5)

4th – Alfie Wilkes (22)

5th – Cassidy Beeton (66)

Senior Rotax

Formula270 regular, David Duncombe (46) joined us this round looking to get acquainted with his new Rotax. Stuart Smith (92) took home full points and even pulled off a last to first finish in heat 3, taking the lead in only 3 laps. Matt Davey (9) was also quick and was having great battles with anyone in his way including Lewis (64) who had found some pace in the final with the track slightly damp. Stuart (92) also set the fastest lap of all with a 40.219 in heat 2.

Heat 1

The start was quite busy. By the end of the first lap, nobody was in the same positions they started in. On lap 2, Stuart Smith (92) tagged the rear of Vincent Anderson (21) coming into 180 but he backed off to not gain an advantage. At the beginning of lap 3, Stuart (92) moved to the inside coming into Senna and passed Vincent (21) with ease. Soon after, Dylan Tatham (55) looked up the inside of Vincent (21) into the Esses but he couldn’t quite make it stick. Arundel Hughes (24) then impressively made his way past Dylan (55) and Vincent (21) in the space of 2 laps. Sadly, just a few laps from the end, it fell apart for Vincent (21) as he spun exiting the Warren.

Heat 2

Coming into the first corner, Dylan (55) locked up leaving David Duncombe (46) to take avoiding action behind. Lewis Fagg (64), meanwhile, seemed to be struggling as he is passed by three karts on the start. After picking up his pace a little, Lewis (64) managed to get in front of Kieran Barber (34) who he lost out to on the start. Matt Davey (9) was looking desperate to get past Chloe Kunjasic (14). Coming into 180, Matt (9) bumps into Chloe (14) and moves ahead, picking up a B/W warning. Soon after, Dylan (55) also showed desperation as he ran into the back of Lewis (64) into Paddock and picked up a B/W warning too. On the last lap into 180, Dylan (55) pulled an almighty lunge onto Lewis (64) and surprisingly, it paid off and he stayed ahead with no contact.

Heat 3

Coming into Senna on the first lap, there was a bit of a tangle between Dylan (55), Matt (9) and Kieran (34). Matt (9) managed to recover and continue racing but both Dylan (55) and Kieran (34) peeled off into the pits at the end of the lap. Lewis (64) found himself in the lead but on the back straight, he seemed to bog down and lose out to Vincent (21) and Stuart (92) who was down in 10th on the start. Meanwhile, Arundel (24) behind was pushing hard to catch the leaders. He made easy work of Lewis (64) and followed Stuart (92) to pass Vincent (21). All race, Chloe (14) was defending well from Matt (9), right up until the last lap where he finally managed to find a gap and take 5th from her.


For the final, it began spitting making the track slightly damp. After struggling with his kart all day, Charlie Flux (86) joined us for the final. It was another close start. Arundel (24) had a bit of a slow start losing out to Matt (9) and Lewis (64) by the 2nd lap, dropping from 2nd to 4th. On lap 5, it seemed Lewis’s (64) pace was picking up as he made his way past Matt (9) with an unorthodox move around the outside on Senna. A lap later, Dylan (55) found a way past Arundel (24) around the Esses despite Arundel’s (24) hard defence. As the spitting stopped and the track dried, Lewis’s (64) pace diminished. Matt (9) behind, was putting the pressure on and even attempted a switchback around 180 which Lewis (64) defended well from. After 6 laps, Matt (9) couldn’t find a way past and finished just 0.263s short to the chequered flag.

1st – Stuart Smith (92)

2nd – Lewis Fagg (64)

3rd – Matt Davey (9)

4th – Dylan Tatham (55)

5th – Arundel Hughes (24)

Senior Rotax 177

The competition was fierce this round, especially with Lloyd Bell (100), David German (3) and Sam Yaxley (97) in attendance. With 16 drivers on the grid too, there was close racing for everyone. Novice Peter Smith (22) put in a great performance, all the way up until his unfortunate retirement in the final. Jamie Allen (34) suffered from some bad luck with a couple of spins and a retirement in heat 3. He gained some ground in the final, starting 12th and climbing up to 9th. Lloyd (100) broke his own record again 4 times in a row in the final finishing with a very impressive 40.254.

Heat 1

For our first race of the day, it was a tight start. Novice, Peter Smith (22) had a great start and passed 4 drivers by the end of the first lap. Up in 3rd and 4th were David German (3) and Lloyd Bell (100). David (3) lead the way in passing Mike Boswell (27) and Jamie Allen (34) to take 1st by the 5th lap. From 3rd to 7th, the entire pack was close. Sam Yaxley (97) made a great pass up the inside of Rob Reeve (15) into the Esses and stayed ahead, shortly passing Jay Ford (99) and Jamie (34) who had suffered from some contact with Phil Patience (66).

Heat 2

Immediately, Nick Aitken (21) and Sam (97) had a great start and began pulling away from the rest of the field. Stavros Athanasopoulos (5) and Jamie (34) had a tangle coming around 180 – both drivers were okay but Stavros (5) peeled off into the pits at the end of the lap. At the front, Sam (97) looked to the inside of Nick (21) into the French curve and passed for the lead. However, Lloyd (100) behind was pushing towards the front. On lap 10, Lloyd (100) took the lead and won. While Lloyd (100) was pushing for the lead, he set a lap record – a 40.416.

Heat 3

It was a very clean start. Justin Clarke (48) and Peter (22) got away well, each passing 2 drivers by the end of the first lap. Lloyd (100) also had a good start, taking the lead from Jay (99) within a lap. On lap 3, Rob (15) made a brave move to the inside of Phil (66) into the French curve before passing Trevor Palmer (36) for 5th. On the same lap, Peter (22) made a great move around the outside of Stavros (5) on 180 and made it stick up to the Warren. He was now right behind Mike (27) who made a good move to the inside of Richard Raymond (2). Peter (22) followed him through just before the gap closed and took Mike (27) too just a few laps later. Sadly, Jamie (34) pulled off and retired on the 9th lap, leaving everyone behind to move up a position.


With everyone settled into their final positions, it was the cleanest start of all. Starting in the lead, Lloyd (100) put his head down and began to pull away from the field. He was rapid – Breaking the lap record an astounding four times in a row, working his way up to a 40.254! Meanwhile, Justin (48) made a good move to the inside of Trevor (36). He then inherited another position as unfortunately, Peter (22) pulled off and retired. Back to the start, Nick (21) found a way past Rob (15) by the first lap but now, Rob (15) was pressuring him hard. However, Nick (21) defended well and managed to hold off Rob (15) to take 4th.

1st – Lloyd Bell (100)

2nd – David German (3)

3rd – Sam Yaxley (97)

4th – Nick Aitken (21)

5th – Rob Reeve (15)



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