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Club 2000, Double Header Rounds 1 & 2, 3rd-4th April 2021

Round 1-2 April

The first double header of the year was overcast but dry. Numbers on the Saturday were a little down on the Friday due to Covid restrictions preventing overnight stays. The dry track together with the excitement of being let loose after months of enforced hibernation led to some fast times and two lap records.


Joshua “Bomber” Smith (15) had a great weekend with three 1sts and a 2nd in R1 and a clean sweep in R2. Hayden Gray (16) took 1st in the Final of R1 having been consigned to 2nd in all the heats. In R2, the Junglings took turns at 2nd and 3rd place with Ralf Jungling (16) taking three 2nds and a 3rd and Timo Jungling (8) one 2nd and two 3rds. Levi Machardie (54) who spent all the heats in 4th position managed 3rd in the Final.

R1: Joshua Smith (15) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with 46.33 in Heat 3 and the fastest average speed of 57.49 mph in Qualifying.

R2: Joshua Smith (15) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day, and the lap record, with 45.94 in Heat 1 and the fastest average speed of 57.89 mph in Qualifying.

Round 1

1st Hayden Gray (16)

2nd Joshua Smith (15)

3rd Logan Mcallisters (95)

4th Levi Machardie (54)

5th Alexander Koedjikov (11)

Round 2

1st Joshua Smith (15)

2nd Ralf Jungling (16)

3rd Levi Machardie (54)

4th Nathan Gange (89)

5th Brett Sanderson (28)