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Club 2000, 2019 Round Up

Club 2000 has had a fantastic 2019 season with 90 home competitors and 40 guests across four guest classes. There has been the usual mix of excitement and disappointment, cheers and tears but we have also seen some fantastic driver development, sportsmanship and community spirit.

Championship 2019 Results

DRIVER’S DRIVER sponsored by Basic Life

Josh Twitchen (25)

We counted the votes and the front runners for this title were the team players. (Although we did have a few chancers try to sneak in a vote for themselves – you know who you are!). In the end there was a clear majority and Josh Twitchen deservedly claimed the sought-after title of Driver’s Driver. Josh started his karting career with YoungStarz and has proved himself to be a real team player.

HONDA sponsored by Biz Karts

1st Kacee Lynch (41)

2nd Matthew Copsey (97)

3rd Sam Cooper (44)

4th Mac McFarquhuar (87)

5th Connor Baines (88)

6th Emily Jackson (26)

Most Improved Driver: Matthew Copsey (97)

The top places in the Honda table were closely contested and in the end, there were very few points between them.

First place Kacee Lynch had a cracking championship having achieved Pro status and then gone on to hang around at the top of the table for most of the season. Only missing one round all year, Kacee clinched three fastest laps, including the fastest of the season and two rounds with maximum points. Honda’s Most Improved Driver took second place Matthew Copsey was hot on his heels (just 13 points down). He drove 9 of the 10 rounds and took two fastest laps. Third place, Sam Cooper also achieved Pro status this year. He took part in all ten rounds of the season and clinched a fastest lap time in July.

Congratulations also go to Elliot Reed-Hughes who came first in Clubman with 786 points.

JUNIOR TKM sponsored by Biz Karts

1st Lewis Mackie (21)

2nd Kian Bennett (44)

3rd Tyler McAlpin (60)

4th Thomas Warner (29)

5th Freya Woodall (16)

6th Finn Muteham (78)

Most Improved Driver sponsored by Opentrack: Tyler McAlpin (60)

There was a little more space between the top runners in the TKM championship. First place Lewis Mackie drove 9 out of 10 rounds managing full points in three rounds. He also achieved two fastest laps. Second place, Kian Bennett also made it to 9 out of 10 rounds; he achieved five fastest laps including the fastest overall TKM lap of the season. Third place, Tyler McAlpin again only missed one round and bagged himself the Most Improved Driver trophy.

JUNIOR ROTAX sponsored by Fen Regis Trophies Ltd

1st Ben Smalley (96)

2nd Adam Foster (92)

3rd Jolie Pettitt (37)

Most Improved Driver: Adam Foster (92)

There were a few visitors to this class throughout the year but only Ben Smalley and Adam Foster managed 9 out of 10 rounds. First place Ben Smalley who took full points in four rounds and five fastest laps during the season. Second place, Adam Foster took maximum points in one round, two fastest laps and also bagged the Most Improved Driver trophy.

JUNIOR PROKART sponsored by Red Lodge Karting Ltd

1st Elliot Norton (75)

2nd Zak Irvin (37)

3rd Theo Grey (35)

Most Improved Driver: Jeremy Lock (38)

First place Elliot Norton led the table by some distance. He took part in all ten rounds achieving maximum points in three rounds and fastest laps in seven. Zak Irvin also made it to all ten rounds which allowed him to take second place only 4 points ahead of third place Theo Grey who only managed to drive in 9 rounds. Only 3 points behind Theo was Jeremy Lock who slipped into 4th place and was awarded the Most Improved Driver trophy.

SENIOR ROTAX sponsored by Fen Regis Trophies Ltd

1st Josh Twitchen (25)

2nd Mikey Austin (12)

3rd Oliver Hart (30)

4th Adam Forrester (18)

First place Josh Twitchen made it to all ten rounds and clinched three fastest laps. Second place Mikey Austin also achieved full attendance and three fastest laps. Third place Oliver Hart only managed six rounds but still claimed two fastest rounds.

SENIOR ROTAX 177 sponsored by Fen Regis Trophies Ltd

1st Robert Peachey (25)

2nd Tony Cohen (23)

3rd Nick Carlton-Smith (7)

4th Arundel Hughes (24)

First place Rob Peachey managed full attendance this season and achieved two fastest laps. Second place, Tony Cohen also managed full attendance and was fairly consistent with his scoring throughout the championship. Third place Nic Carlton-Smith missed two rounds but was the only Senior Rotax 177 competitor to achieve maximum points all season; he also achieved two fastest laps. Fourth place Arundel Hughes missed two rounds and got one fastest lap.

TOP LADY POINTS SCORER sponsored by Opentrack

1st Freya Woodall (16)

2nd Emily Jackson (26)

3rd Jessica Fitch-Hall (22)

It’s great to have so many girls in the championship and we’d definitely like to see some more. It must be about time for a modern-day Divina Galicia, Desiré Wilson or Giovanna Amati! Maybe one of our Club 2000 girls will be that pioneer.

Round 10, 2nd November 2019 Results


1st Emily Jackson (26)

2nd Matthew Copsey (97)

3rd Kacee Lynch (41)

4th Sam Cooper (44)

5th Harley Mason (63)


1st Lewis Mackie (21)

2nd Kian Bennett (44)

3rd Tyler McAlpin (60)

4th Freya Woodall (16)

5th Oliver Bowen (55)


1st Ben Maxim (1)

2nd Adam Foster (92)

3rd Ben Smalley (96)


1st Elliot Norton (75)

2nd Jeremy Lock (38)

3rd Theo Grey (35)


1st Adam Forrester (18)

2nd Josh Twitchen (25)

3rd Mikey Austin (12)


1st Lloyd Bell (16)

2nd Nic Carlton-Smith (7)

3rd Nick Aitcen (21)


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