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Club 2000, Round 8, 7th September 2019


After missing the last round, Kacee Lynch (41) came back with a vengeance taking 138 points and wrestling 4th place in the table from Matthew Copsey (97). Mac McFarquhar (87), Sam Cooper (44) and Connor Baines (88) did enough to hold onto their table positions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Meanwhile the gap between 2nd and 3rd widened slightly and Mac McFarquahar reinforced his position at the top, however with 2 rounds still to go anything could happen.

Harley Mason had a cracking round with a 3rd, 2nd, and two 1sts (one of those in the final) taking him from 15th to 12th in the table.

Oscar Tumilty (17) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with a 47.13 in the Final; Harley Mason achieved the fastest average speed of 55.79mph in the Final.

1st Harley Mason (63) 2nd Kacee Lynch (41) 3rd Mac McFarquar (87)

4th Matthew Copsey (97)

5th Sam Cooper (44)


Cerys Pettit (37) flew the flag for Mini X30s. Currently the only contender in this class she achieved an average speed of 63.50mph in Heat 3 and benchmarked a lap time of 41.44.

1st Cerys Pettit (37)


Non-attendance by 1st and 2nd place competitors left the table wide open and allowed Finn Muteham (78) to snatch 2nd in the table despite a batch of mediocre placings throughout the day. Tyler McAlpin (60) demonstrated his hunger for a top placing with a complete set of 1sts, thus moving from 6th to 5th in the table. Hot on his tail was Thomas Ready (91) who earned three 2nds and a 3rd thereby moving up from 10th to 8th in the table.

Thomas Ready (91) claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 42.31 in the Final; Tyler McAlpin (60) got the fastest average speed of 62.00 in Heat 3.

1st Tyler McAlpin (60) 2nd Thomas Ready (91) 3rd Ollie Handley (66)


Ben Maxim’s (96) first appearance of the season saw him put on a strong challenge and achieve a clean sweep of 1sts, maximum points and averaged around a 10-second lead on closest contender Ben Smalley (96). Ben Smalley retained his position at the top of the table increasing the gap between himself and Adam Foster (92) in 3rd.

The top average speed of 64.47mph was achieved by Ben Maxim (99) in Heat 3; he also got the fastest lap with a 41.28 in Heat 3.

1st Ben Maxim (99) 2nd Ben Smalley (96)

3rd Jolie Pettitt (37)


Elliot Norton’s (75) clean sweep of 1sts allowed him to strengthen his 1st place position in the table but there was a shuffle around in the lower table positions this month. Alfie Campbell (40) moved up from 3rd to 2nd with a 2nd in the Final and a 2nd and two 4ths in the Heats. Theo Gray (35) moved into 4th place in the table with a 4th and two 2nds in the heats and a 3rd in the Final.

Elliot Norton claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 44.23 in the Final where he also achieved the fastest average speed of 59.83mph.

1st Elliot Norton (75) 2nd Alfie Campbell (40) 3rd Theo Grey (35)

4th Zak Irvin (37)


There were rumours that Daren Irvin (52) would have competition in his class this month but in the end he was, unfortunately, the sole driver – just as well he won!

Daren Irvin (52) achieved an average speed of 57.64mph in qualifying.

1st Daren Irvin (52)


Josh Twitchen (25) had a cracking round with two 1sts and a 2nd in the heats and a 1st in the Final thus narrowing Mikey Austin’s (12) lead in the table. Mikey Austin kept on the pace though only allowing Josh a maximum of 0.3.48 lead.

Josh Twitchen (25) achieved the top average speed 65.09mph in Heat 2. Mikey Austin (12) achieved the fastest lap time with a 40.77 in the Final.

1st Josh Twitchen (25) 2nd Mikey Austin (12) 3rd Adam Forrester (18)


Nic Carlton-Smith (7) made up for a DNS in Heat 1 with 1sts in the rest of the heats and the Final but the loss of a heat meant a widening of the gap between his 4th place position and 3rd in the table.

Robert Peachey (25) was was hot on Nick’s heels for most of the day with three 2nds and a 1st in Heat 1 meaning his points collection for the day was greater and he strengthened his position at number 1 in the table now making it pretty difficult for anyone else to topple him this season.

Nic Carlton-Smith (7)achieved the top average speed 62.08mph in both Heat 3 and the Final; Arundel Hughes (24) claimed the fastest Rotax 177 lap with a 41.39 in Heat 3.

1st Nic Carlton-Smith (7)

2nd Robert Peachey (25) 3rd Arundel Hughes (24)

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