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Club 2000, Round 7, 6th July 2019

The weather was cloudy and wet at times but on the whole, it was a decent day.

Thank you to Harrison who did a great job time keeping in Sarah’s absence.

HONDA Mac McFarquhar (87), Sam Cooper (44) and Connor Baines (88) did enough to hold onto their respective positions in the table but Kacee Lynch’s non -attendance meant he dropped down to 5th freeing up 1st for Mac McFarquhar.

Returner, Macie Hitter (33) put a cat amongst the pigeons claiming a two 1sts and a 2nd in the heats and a 1st in the Final.

Mac McFarquhar moved up the placings as the day progressed with a 9th, 6th, 2nd in the heats and a 2nd in the Final. Sam Cooper’s more consistent placings (three 3rds and a 4th) meant he managed to reduce the gap further leaving only 4 points between himself and 1st place Mac McFarquhar.

Sam Cooper (44) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with a 47.06 in Heat 2; Matthew Copsey achieved the fastest average speed of 56.77mph in qualifying.

1st Macie Hitter (33) 2nd Mac McFarquhar (87) 3rd Sam Cooper (44) 4th Matthew Copsey (97) 5th Michael Morgan (54)

JUNIOR TKM No change this month in the table top 7. Lewis Mackie (21) maintained his position at the top and widened the gap between himself and 2nd place Kian Bennett (44) by a massive 20 points with two 1sts and a 2nd in the heats and a 1st in the Final compared to Kian Bennett’s 3rd, 8th, 4th and 3rd in the Final.

Alex Roberts (12) first appearance of the season netted him 134 points with two 2nds and a 1st in the heats and a 5th in the Final.

Tyler McAlpin (60) worked hard to make up for missing the last round and reduce the gap between himself and 5th place Harry Hayward (49) from 31 to 2.

Lewis Mackie claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 41.87 in Heat 2 and the fastest average speed of 63.67 in qualifying.

1st Lewis Mackie (21) 2nd Tyler McAlpin (60) 3rd Kian Bennett (44) 4th Thomas Warner (29) 5th Alex Roberts (12)

JUNIOR ROTAX Novice Cory Taylor’s (27) first appearance this season saw him put on a strong challenge to Ben Smalley (96) in Heat 1, ultimately stealing 1st from under the table leader’s nose. Smalley got wise to this and stepped up a gear taking 1st place in the remaining races.

The top average speed of 63.84mph was achieved by Ben Smalley in qualifying; he also got the fastest lap with a 41.96 in Heat 2.

Correction: Last month Jolie Pettitt was credited with the fastest Junior Rotax lap with a 39.31. It was pointed out that this was as a result of a false start and use of the cut through to return to the start. Ben Maxim has been reinstated as lap record holder.

1st Ben Smalley (96) 2nd Cory Taylor (27) 3rd Ryan Glenister (94)

JUNIOR PROKART There was a bit of a shuffle around in the table positions this month. Jensen Beane (55) and Alfie Campbell (40) swapped 3rd and 4th place while Elliot Norton (75) held on to 1st and increased the gap between himself and Zak Irvin (37) with an impressive clean sweep of 1sts in all the heats and the Final. Zak Irvin’s (37) less consistent results, two 3rds, a 7th and a 6th allowed him to narrowly retain overall 2nd place but left a gap of 109 points to make up to catch up with 1st place and left him vulnerable to a challenge from lower down the table in the coming months.

Elliot Norton claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 43.90 in Heat 2; Jensen Beane achieved the fastest average speed of 61.26mph in qualifying.

1st Elliot Norton (75) 2nd Theo Grey (35) 3rd Alfie Campbell (40) 4th Charlie Grommett (99) 5th Jeremy Lock (38)

SENIOR PROKART Disappointing that Daren Irvin (52) was again the sole driver in this class when the other potential competitor dropped out, resulting in an unchallenged win for Irvin.

Daren Irvin (52) achieved an average speed of 59.31mph in the qualifying.

SENIOR ROTAX Mikey Austin (12) took the Final having tried most of the other possible positions in the heats: 1st and 3rd and 4th; It was sufficient to increase his lead at the top of the table. Jack Veazey (33) grabbed 136 Championship points with a 2nd in the Final and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the heats in his first appearance of the season.

Mikey Austin (12) achieved the top average speed 65.08mph in Heat 2 and 66.07 in the practice. He also achieved the fastest lap time with a 40.65.

1st Mikey Austin (12) 2nd Jack Veazey (33) 3rd Josh Twitchen (25) 4th Oliver Hart (30)

SENIOR ROTAX 177 Robert Peachey (25) was on the pace with a 1st in the Final and two 1sts and a 2nd in the heats. Nic Carlton-Smith was hot on his heels with a 2nd in the Final and two 2nds and a 3rd in the heats.

Alfie Lawrence (75) achieved the top average speed 64.80mph in Heat 1; he also claimed the fastest Rotax 177 lap with a 41.10.

1st Robert Peachey (25) 2nd Nic Carlton-Smith (7) 3rd Alfie Lawrence (75) 4th Nick Allken (21)

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