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Club 2000, Round 6, 1st June 2019

The gods were kinder for our June meeting. There was even a touch of sun…


More stable weather at this meeting meant there was a touch more consistency in the placings.

Kacee Lynch (41), Mac McFarquhar (87), and Sam Cooper (44) held onto the top three positions but Kacee Lynch’s clean sweep of 1sts in this round edged him ahead, pushing Mac McFarquhar into 2nd overall. Sam Cooper’s more consistent placings (two 2nds and two 3rds) meant he managed to reduce the gap between himself and 2nd place Mac McFarquhar who despite making 2nd in the final, only managed two 6ths and a 5th in the heats.

Connor Baines (88), Emily Jackson (26) and Matthew Copsey (97) all did enough to maintain their relative table positions although Emily increased the gap between herself and Matthew.

Kacee Lynch (41) claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with a 47.0 in Heat 2; he also achieved the fastest average speed of 56.9 mph in qualifying.

1st Kacee Lynch (41) 2nd Mac McFarquhar (87) 3rd Sam Cooper (44)

4th Matthew Copsey (97)

5th Connor Baines (88)


Lewis Mackie (21) nearly managed a clean sweep with a 1st in the Final and two 1sts and an 8th in the heats, nevertheless doing enough to increase his lead at the top of the Championship Table. Kian Bennett (44) also had a consistent set of results with a 2nd in the Final and two 2nds and a 3rd in the heats, retaining his 2nd place in the Championship. Freya Woodall’s (16) 3rd in the Final and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the heats matched Kian’s points and enabled her to close the gap between herself and Finn Muteham (78) in the Championship.

Kian Bennett claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 42.22 in the Final.

1st Lewis Mackie (21) 2nd Kian Bennett (44) 3rd Freya Woodall (16)

4th Thomas Warner (29)

5th Finn Muteham (78)


There was a bit of déjà vu here… As in May, the June round saw a constant battle between Ben Smalley (96) and Jolie Pettitt (37). In the end, Ben clinched it with a 1st in the Final and two 1sts in the heats compared to Jolie’s 2nd in the Final and one 1st in the heats.

The top average speed of 62.97 mph was achieved by Ben Smalley in qualifying. Jolie Pettitt claimed the fastest Junior Rotax lap with a 39.31.

1st Ben Smalley (96) 2nd Jolie Pettitt (37)

3rd Adam Foster (92)


Jensen Beane (55) started well with the fastest Prokart lap of the day in qualifying, leading the field in Heats 1 and 2. Unfortunately, he was a DNS in Heat 3 giving Elliot Norton (75) the chance to claim 1st in Heat 3 and the final. Zak Irvin (37) and Daniel Copland (14) were consistently next in line, swapping places in Heat 2.

Elliot Norton claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 43.70; Jensen Beane achieved the fastest average speed of 61.31 mph in qualifying.

1st Elliot Norton (75) 2nd Zak Irvin (37) 3rd Daniel Copland (14)

4th Jeremy Lock (38)


Closely chasing the juniors home to take a victory in the newly added Senior Prokart class was Daren Irvin (52) with an average speed of 58.56 mph in the Final.

1st Daren Irvin (52)


Josh Twitchen (25) took the final having achieved two 1sts and a 2nd in the heats resulting in a reduced gap but still not quite enough to take Mikey Austin's (12) position at the top of the table.

Josh Twitchen achieved the top average speed 64.87 mph in Heat 2 and 65.52 in the practice. Josh also achieved the fastest lap time with a 40.94.

1st Josh Twitchen (25) 2nd Mikey Austin (12) 3rd Luke Collins (64)

4th Adam Forrester (18)


Lloyd Bell (16) and Robert Peachey (25) both had a consistent round: Lloyd (1st in the Final and 3rd, 2nd, and 1st in the heats), Robert (2nd in the Final and 2nd, 1st and 5th in the heats 5th being due to a front fairing penalty). Arundel Hughes (24) managed top three in all but Heat 3.

Top average speeds reached 64.66 mph (Lloyd Bell) in the races and 65 mph (Robert Peachey) in the practice. The fastest Rotax 177 lap was claimed by Robert Peachey with a 41.12.

1st Lloyd Bell (16)

2nd Robert Peachey (25) 3rd Arundel Hughes (24)

4th Nic Carlton-Smith (7)

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