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Club 2000, Round 4, 6th April 2019

We were lucky with the weather for Round 4. It was a bit cloudy and overcast at times but it kept dry and the dry track led to some fast times with lap records in three of the classes!

HONDA Kacee Lynch (41) was on the pace throughout the day and was rewarded with 1sts in two of the heats and the Final.

Emily Jackson (26) was hot on his heels, moving from 5th in Heat 1, to 3rd in Heat 2 and a 1st in Heat 3. Overall 2nd place in the Final meant a move from Clubman to Pro.

Connor Baines (88) managed 3rd in the Final with a 4th, 6th, and 5th in the heats.

Harley Mason claimed the fastest Honda lap of the day with a 47.24 in Heat 2. The fastest average speed of 56.13mph was achieved in Qualifying by Kacee Lynch (41).

1st Kacee Lynch (41) 2nd Emily Jackson (26) 3rd Connor Baines (88) 4th Mac McFarquhar (87) 5th Sam Cooper (44)

JUNIOR PROKART Jensen Beane (55), Elliot Norton (75) and Daniel Copland (14) led the field and kept the top three places for themselves throughout. Daniel Copland managed two 1sts and a 2nd in the heats; Elliot Norton, two 3rds and a 2nd; Jensen Beane tried each of the placings for size, eventually plumping for 1st in the Final.

Novice, Theo Gray (35) was hot on the leaders’ tails in the first two heats coming in at 4th; Alfie Campbell denied him that privilege in the last heat and the Final and grabbed the position for himself.

Elliot Norton claimed the fastest Prokart lap of the day with a 43.48 and took the new lap record in the process.

1st Jensen Beane (55) 2nd Elliot Norton (75) 3rd Daniel Copland (14) 4th Alfie Campbell (40)


This smaller class was never the less an exciting watch. Ben Smalley (96) had a clean sweep of 1sts in the heats and the Final and Jolie Pettit followed suit with a clean sweep of 2nds. Adam Foster (92) claimed 3rd in Heat 1 but was shut down in the remaining heats and the Final by Ryan Glenister (94).

The top average speed of 63.01mph was achieved by Ben Smalley in Qualifying; Ben also claimed the fastest Junior Rotax lap with a 41.61.

1st Ben Smalley (96) 2nd Jolie Pettitt (37) 3rd Ryan Glenister (94)

JUNIOR TKM There was not a lot of space between the top three in this class. For the most part, Lewis Mackie (21) and Kian Bennett (44) made 1st and 2nd places their own in the heats and the Final with Thomas Ready putting a cat amongst the pigeons in Heat 3 and stealing 2nd from under Bennett’s nose.

Average speeds of over 63 miles an hour were achieved in the heats but the Final saw more caution with speeds averaging a maximum of 61.97mph.

Kian Bennett claimed the fastest Junior TKM lap of the day with a 41.60.

1st Lewis Mackie (21) 2nd Kian Bennett (44) 3rd Thomas Ready (91) 4th Tyler McAlpin (60) 5th Thomas Warner (29)

SENIOR ROTAX It was difficult to predict the outcome of this class from the heats; it really could have been anybody’s!

Oliver Hart took the final having achieved a 1st, 6th and 8th in the heats. Mikey Austin (12) was the most consistent with a 2nd in the Final and two 3rds and a 2nd in the heats. Tony Micciche (26) drove in 3rd in the final having achieved a 5th, 4th and a 1st in the heats. Despite a relatively consistent average speed, Luke Collins wasn’t able to maintain the 2nd place achieved in Heat 1 and slipped back through the ranks with an 8th and a 7th in the remaining heats and a 4th in the final.

Oliver Hart reached the top average speeds of 65.82mph in the practice session and 65.28mph in Heat 3; despite this, the fastest lap time (and Rotax lap record) went to Tony Micciche with a 40.36.

1st Oliver Hart (30) 2nd Mikey Austin (12) 3rd Tony Micciche (26) 4th Luke Collins (64)

SENIOR ROTAX 177 Lloyd Bell (16) and David German (2) hotly contested 1st and 2nd positions with Bell achieving two 1sts and a 2nd in the heats and German getting two 2nds and a 1st.

3rd place was shared throughout the heats by Robert Peachey (25) (who also took the place in the Final), John Castle (17) and Craig Mortimer (15).

Top average speeds reached 64.95mph. The fastest Rotax 177 lap (and Rotax 177 lap record) was claimed by David German with a 40.83.

1st Lloyd Bell (16) 2nd David German (2) 3rd Robert Peachey (25) 4th Arundel Hughes (24)

GUEST CLASS: SENIOR PROKART MOD 160 This month we were delighted to welcome guest class Mod160 Prokart.

Ian Wells (73) was on the pace and refused to allow his competitors an opportunity to claim the glory achieving a clean sweep in all heats and the Final and top average speeds of 60.52.

Lee Mitchell (37) and Antony Whitehead (4) didn’t give it up easily. Mitchell grabbed two 3rds and a 2nd in the heats and a 2nd in the Final; Tony Whitehead managed two 2nds and a 3rd in the heats but unfortunately didn’t make it further than the first lap in the Final allowing Tony Wetheridge (41), with the fastest lap of the race and the class (43.49) to take the 3rd place spot.

1st Ian Wells (73) 2nd Lee Mitchell (37) 3rd Tony Wetheridge (41) 4th Mark Staines (49) 5th Chris Scott (11)

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