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Club 2000 - Round 2, 2nd February 2019

Well that was an interesting day weather wise! It has often been commented that we have our own micro climate at RLK and we certainly did on our February race day!

SNOW! SNOW! & More SNOW – however, the seniors went out and the track soon cleared.

Honda Sam Cooper (44) pulled off two great moves going into the first corner to take the lead and achieved a clean sweep with all four wins and 144 points. Matthew Copsey (97) refused to make it easy for him with some excellent driving all through the day came in 2nd. Mac Mcfarquhar (87) grabbed 3rd having had a 7th a 3rd and a 2nd in the heats.

There were no Novices this month; two drivers Thomas Jack-Lee (11) and Kaycee Lynch (41) were promoted to the Pros.

1st Sam Cooper (44) 2nd Matthew Copsey (97) 3rd Mac McFarquhar (87)

Junior Prokart We had a great Prokart grid this month despite having a couple off sick; we’re now really looking forward to building on this for next month. Elliot Norton had a stormer taking the fastest lap in all the heats. Young Starz driver, Jeremy Lock (38), had a great debut session in first time out in his own kart. Well done Jeremy!

1st Elliot Norton (75) 2nd Alfie Campbell (40) 3rd Jeremy Lock (38)

Junior Rotax Great driving from Ben Smalley (96) bagged him a clean sweep and 144 points. Jolie Pettitt (37) was hot on his heels for the most part achieving a fastest lap in heat 2.

1st Ben Smalley (96) 2nd Jolie Pettitt (37) 3rd Adam Foster (92)

Junior TKM Lewis Mackie (21) achieved his second clean sweep of the year and 144 points. Kian Bennett (44) managed to hold off the opposition and kept second all the way. Tyler McAlpin (60) followed Kian Bennett home all day with thirds in all the heats and the final.

1st Lewis Mackie 2nd Kian Bennett 3rd Tyler McAlpin

Senior Rotax Oliver Hart managed another clean sweep with four wins out of four and a string of fastest laps. Mikey Austin worked hard but, unfortunately for him, couldn’t catch the leader on this occasion.

1st Oliver Hart (30) 2nd Mikey Austin (12) 3rd Josh Twitchen (25)

Senior Rotax 177 William Smalley (99) led the way for the most part with strong contention from Robert Peachey (25). A DNF in the last heat meant Robert Peachey ended up in 3rd.

1st William Smalley (99) 2nd Tony Cohen (23) 3rd Robert Peachey (25)

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