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Club 2000 Double Header Weekend 6th & 7th October 2018

Saturday - Round 10

Well what can we say about the weather… it was WET! The wet conditions meant that drivers and their pit crews had kart set up and tyres on their minds all day.

HONDA Nineteen drivers lined up on the grid trying to keep dry… Qualifying gave them their grid positions for the day. Grid positions for the final were earned in the heats. Thomas Ready (22) managed to grab two wins out of four including the final. Matthew Copsey (97), promoted last month from Clubman to Pro, came home second. Despite two wins in the heats Jack Williamson (27) managed 3rd in the final which demoted Freddie Hull (99) back into 4th. 1st Thomas Ready (22) 2nd Matthew Copsey (97) 3rd Jack Williamson (27)

JNR ROTAX There were only two entries in this class so we mixed them in with the Jnr TKMs which made for interesting watching. The wet conditions caused Ben Maxim (96) to have engine issues but Adam Cottrell (8) drove well to take the gift of a victory. 1st Adam Cottrell (8) 2nd Ben Maxim (96)

JNR TKM Eight drivers lined up on the grid. The final saw three Youngstarz drivers bring home the trophy positions, testament to all that training on slicks in the wet. 1st Spencer Lane (11) 2nd Charlie Gaillard (74) 3rd Kian Bennett (44)

Finn Muteham (78) retired after Heat 1 due to feeling under the weather and was not to be seen for the rest of the weekend.

JNR PROKART There was a battle all day in such adverse weather conditions; these was not much in it between the drivers. 1st Elliot Norton (75) 2nd Jenson Beane (55) 3rd Marcus Allen (47)

ROTAX Impressive driving by Jack Tritton (78) saw him take the victory in every race including the final. 1st Jack Tritton (78) 2nd Mikey Austin (12) 3rd Josh Taylor (16)

ROTAX 177 Nic Carlton Smith had three wins out of four just missing out on maximum points. Despite suffering with man flu, David German managed to snatch a 2nd. 1st Nic Carlton Smith (7) 2nd David German (3) 3rd Matthew Phillip (92)

GUEST CLASSES – F160 and F300 There was some exciting racing to watch in these groups.

F160 1st George King (23) 2nd Chris Williams (3) 3rd Steven Potter (148)

F300 1st Anthony Wyhatt (6) 2nd Jason Cooper (69) 3rd Ray Hull (11)

Sunday - Round 8

What a difference a day makes… The weather was a lot kinder to us on the Sunday but unfortunately, despite this, some of the grid numbers were low

HONDA Some fantastic driving by our cadets end up with a reordering of yesterday’s results 1st Jack Williamson (27) 2nd Thomas Ready (22) 3rd Freddie Hull (99)

JNR ROTAX We mixed this group with JNR TKM as we had the day before. Ben Maxim (96) sorted out his engine issues from the day before to win the final. Having not raced in the rain the day before, (sensible one), Jolie Pettitt (37) turned up with a very clean kart to bring it home second. 1st Ben Maxim (96) 2nd Jolie Pettitt (37)

JNR TKM Scott Smith (37), having not raced on the Saturday, took the victory for the Sunday. Spencer Lane (11) adding more points to his weekend total came home 2nd. 1st Scott Smith (37) 2nd Spencer Lane (11) 3rd Airijus Jomantus (71)

Harry Hayward (49) had issues right from the start and unfortunately didn’t make it onto the grid all day. His entry will be rolled over to next month.

JNR PROKART Sunday saw the same tight battles from the day before and, again, Elliot Norton (75) took the win from Jenson Beane (55) after a very hard-fought race in the final. 1st Elliot Norton (75) 2nd Jensen Beane (55) 3rd Marcus Allen (47)

ROTAX & ROTAX 177 We put the two grids together in the heats and told them they could have their own finals but they enjoyed racing together all day that they asked to have just the one final.

ROTAX 1st Oliver Hart (30) 2nd Mikey Austin (12) 3rd Jack Veazey (33)

ROTAX 177 Points grabber Nic Carlton Smith (7) made a clean sweep with four out four wins. Robert Peachey (25) worked hard to grab 2nd. Matthew Phillip (92) had to settle for his second 3rd place of the weekend 1st Nic Carlton-Smith (7) 2nd Robert Peachey (25) 3rd Matthew Phillip (92)

Highest Point Scorer of the Weekend Trophy sponsored by IWM Karting

Thank you to IWM Karting who sponsored the highest combined points scorer trophy and prize over the double header race weekend on 6th & 7th October.

Two drivers from Junior TKM and Honda each scored 275 points. Nic Carlton-Smith (7) couldn’t be included in the competition despite scoring 286 points as he races for Team IWM

Neil from IWM kindly put up a second price so as not to disappoint the young drivers.

In the end, the decision was made based on who had the most wins over the weekends racing:

1st Spencer Lane (11) JNR TKM with 275 points & 4 wins 2nd Thomas Ready (22) Honda with 275 points & 3 wins

Neil Hart, Team Principal at IWM said, "IWM Karting were delighted to sponsor this trophy. We were at the track all weekend and it was great to chat to all the drivers. There was some great racing - despite the downpours on Saturday".

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