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Club 2000 - Double Header Weekend, September 2018 - Rounds 9 & 3

Saturday, 1st September, the start of our double header weekend saw a total grid of 63 drivers take part. We tried something new to Club 2000 with 3 qualifying heats and a final which gave all drivers maximum track time

Honda Cadets Day 1: The weekend started well with all 22 Hondas drivers finishing in the final. Ollie Handley (66) made a welcome return from SUPER1 and finished 4th having had two 2nds and a 4th during the day. Jake Genovese (45) came home 3rd having taken 5th, 2nd and 3rd in the heats. Freddie Hull (99) battled home for 2nd with heat results for the day 4th, 3rd and a win. Great driving by Thomas Ready (22) ensured he was Saturday’s Honda winner with an impressive two wins and a 6th in the heats.

Novice of the day: Ollie Clarke-ward (4).

CLUBMAN Trophy winners: Archie Sugar Harmer (80), Matthew Copsey (97), Freya Woodall (16), Rylan Echberg (73), Sam Cooper (44).

Day 2: The final of the 2nd day proved to a good battle right to the end. Issues with drivers being late to the grid meant that some drivers had to be moved from their grid slot and would have to battle harder to regain their positions. 1st: Thomas Ready (22), a repeat of Saturday. Well done Thomas. 2nd: As the day before went to Freddie Hull (99), 3rd: Matthew Copsey (97), one of our Clubman drivers from the day before now firmly stating his position as a pro driver going forward. 4th: Super1 driver Ollie Handley (66) having battled from 17th on the grid.

JNR Rotax: Day 1: 1st: Ben Maxim (96), 2nd: Adam Cottrell (8). 3rd: Jolie Pettitt (37) Starter issues meant that Archie-O’Brien (80) could only manage 4th.

Day 2: 1st: Ben Maxim (96), 2nd: Adam Cottrell, 3rd: Jolie Pettitt, Archie-O’Brien (80) failed to make the grid following his engine issues the day before.

JNR TKM: Day 1: 1st: Spencer Lane (11), 2nd: Alex Roberts (12). Some great moves by new driver Finn Muteham (78) in the final, in only his second time of racing TKM saw him come home in 3rd.

Day 2: 1st: Spencer Lane (11), 2nd Finn Muteham (78), 3rd Kian Bennett (44).

JNR Pro Kart: Day 1: A disappointing turnout this month with only four on the grid. 1st: Elliot Norton (7), 2nd: Danny Raymond (43)3rd: Daniel Copland (14), 4th: Marcus Allen (47)

Day 2: Only Two karts made it to grid on the second day: 1st: Elliot Norton (75), 2nd: Marcus Allen (47).

SNR Rotax: Day 1: There was some excellent driving here. 1st: Oliver Hart (30), 2nd: Cameron Maskell (99), 3rd: Mikey Austin (12) who was also Novice of the Day.

Day 2: 1st: Cameron Maskell (99), 2nd: Oliver Hart (30), 3rd: George Melling (15).

Rotax Heavy:

Day 1: There was some very close racing in this class with Lloyd Bell (16) bringing it home first followed closely by 2nd: David German (3) and 3rd: Nic Calton-Smith (7).

Day 2: Moving up to grab 1st Nic Carlton Smith (7), 2nd David German (3) - great Racing all day, 3rd: Robert Peachey (25).

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