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Open Races 2018

*please note that these races are in our own fleet of top of the line GX-270 karts.

Here are the forthcoming open races for 2018.

17:45 Thursday 19 April 2018

17:45 Thursday 24 May 2018

17:45 Thursday 28 June 2018

17:45 Thursday 26 July 2018

17:45 Thursday 23 August 2018

17:45 Thursday 20 September 2018

17:45 Wednesday 31 October 2018 – charity event*

17:45 Thursday 22 November 2018

17:00 Thursday 14 December 2018 – inter-challenge**

All of the above are Mini GP 35 races with the exception of Thursday 14th December which is a

2 hour team endurance company inter-challenge for teams of 2-6 drivers


  • Age 14+ (minimum 147cm tall)

  • All drivers compete against each other throughout the event

  • Heats of 10 laps or 11 minutes determined by whichever happens first

  • Trophies awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed drivers

  • Racing our fastest fleet of GX270 corporate karts

  • Racing on the full Red Lodge circuit


  • 5 laps qualifying/practice for your grid positions

  • 1st 10 lap race - grid positions are determined from qualifying positions

  • 2nd 10 lap race – grid positions are determined from 1st race reverse qualifying times

  • Final 10 lap race is the total points accumulated

Race 2 (Please note any slow drivers will be placed at the back of the grid ref: H &S)


£54.00 per driver for the Mini GP races

£225.00 per team for December company inter-challenge**

Minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 drivers required to race for Mini GP 35 races

(No more than 6 drivers from the same group are permitted to enter until 5 days before the event date)

Time at Red Lodge Karting - 2 hours, 15 minutes from arrival time for Mini GP 35 races

Time at Red Lodge Karting - 3 hours, 30 minutes from arrival time for company inter-challenge

Red Lodge Karting Ltd will assess all drivers, will consider previous karting experience, driving standards, together with first time drivers and reserves the right to act and advise accordingly to notify any driver that Red Lodge Karting Ltd decides are a safety risk whilst their session/race is in motion.

So fill up your calendar! We look forward to seeing you!

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