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Red Lodge Karting is proud to support
The Liam Fairhurst Foundation and
Sibling Support

Liam Fairhurst was born on the 26 February 1995.


It was in July 2005 that Liam and his family’s life changed forever. After developing a limp, Liam was taken to his doctor.  Just days after the doctor’s appointment, he was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare high grade soft tissue cancer, in his left leg.  In his first year of treatment, Liam made a friend called Jack Wilkinson. They shared their worst moments together, their stories of treatments and hours of laughter.   Sadly, aged just 12, Jack passed away in 2006.   The passing of his friend inspired Liam to help others in a similar situation – so he started fundraising.  Liam chose to do a sponsored one mile swim and, aged 11, raised an astonishing £13,000.  It was remarkable that, at the time of the swimming challenge, Liam had lost over three quarters of the thigh muscle in his left leg and could barely walk 100 yards!  


He then went on to national television in ITV’s Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway where he persuaded a panel of five millionaires to part with £50,000 to purchase and equip a luxury caravan for families affected by cancer to be able to have short breaks away from hospital.


During routine scans six days after Liam’s 12th birthday (March 2007), tumours were detected in both his lungs and, within months, Liam’s condition was regarded as terminal.  At the time he was re-diagnosed, his fundraising total stood at over £70,000 and his enthusiasm to continue fundraising was such that the local community took up his cause and started organising fundraising events in his name.


Despite Liam’s continued optimistic look on life, he sadly lost his battle with cancer on 30 June 2009.  At the time of Liam’s passing, he was responsible for raising £340,000 and a further £7million by heading a campaign for charity.


Red Lodge Karting is proud to have known and welcomed Liam and his family to the circuit on many occasions where, despite his condition, Liam provided many laughs for all concerned with his indomitable spirit and good humour.   Wishing to commemorate Liam, we were delighted when his family kindly consented to a meeting room being named after him.

Set up in 2020 by Liam's brother, Callum Fairhurst, Sibling Support helps young people who have lost a brother or sister.

Sibling Support is the UK's only sibling specific bereavement charity providing advice, resources and support to siblings and other organisations.


RLK hold regular charity events in support of The Liam Fairhurst Foundation and Sibling Support.

Autism In Motorsports (AIM) was formed in 2020 to encourage more people with autism into motorsports.  Karting has been found to help people with autism and ADHD in many ways such as heightening awareness of danger, a focus for learning and an opportunity for social interaction. 


The 2022 AIM Race Day was held on 1 & 2 May alongside our Club2000.

Thank you to AIM for sharing their video footage with us:

Round up of the O Plate at AIM

O Plate Banner.jpg

May 2022:

It was a pleasure hosting a 2hr charity fundraising event organised by Claire Daniels Tipton for Macmillan Cancer Support

Well done to team
DH Thomas for winning
and setting the fastest 
lap - a 52.753
Mark Howell Trophy

We were all very sad to lose our friend and colleague, Mark Howell in July 2019.   Of course, we could never forget him but, nevertheless, we decided to rename the finish line "The Mark" in honour of our cheery mechanic!  


Mark's family also chose to keep his memory alive in the world of motorsport by establishing the Mark Howell Trophy to be presented to the winner of the MK-GP70 class of the FAB Racing Minibike British Championships.  They also kindly sponsored the medals and trophies for Round 7 of the championship which was held in September here at Red Lodge Karting.


Mark was a lover of all things devoted to speed and an exacting sage mechanically, especially concerning any variety or type of motorcycle. Having an appetite for two wheels he was a biker from an early age, and later in his life he became an aficionado and avid follower of MotoGP and Superbike racing. He spent an all too short lifetime riding different bikes in all disciplines, but he really enjoyed visiting and riding those big tracks on his own machines, his greatest love. Like all speed seekers and racers, he would know the satisfaction of 'pushing on' and achieving that faster lap, the addiction of it and also the fleeting excitement of it.
A smile afterwards then quietly satisfied, but immediately ready to go again........that was Mark.......

Doubtless he would have been embarrassed at the thought of this Trophy in his name, but we all hope he would be quietly pleased as well. Mark would definitely want all of you to experience the excitement and exhilaration of the track and wish you all the best and good luck and safety.

And for the older bikers amongst you, maybe you could drop your pegs next time out, just the once, for a smashing chap who you may never have had the opportunity to meet.  

Be safe.

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