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Round 1: Saturday, 4th January

Round 2: Saturday, 1st February

Round 3: Saturday, 7th March

Round 4: Saturday, 4th April

Round 5: Saturday, 5th April

Round 6: Saturday, 2nd May

Round 7: Saturday, 6th June

Round 8: Saturday, 4th July

Round 9: Saturday, 5th September

Round 10: Saturday, 3rd October

Round 11: Saturday, 7th November

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Honda Pro Class  Hall of Fame
Top 5 position in an A Final

4 Ollie Clark Ward

9 Luke Bate

11 Thomas Jack-Lee

15 Joshua Smith

16 Hayden Gray

18 Jenson Mason

26 Emily Jackson

27 Jack Williamson

33 Macie Hitter

34 Jenson Weston
41 Kacee Lynch

42 Oliver Gaillard

44 Sam Cooper

45 Jake Genovese

54 Michael Morgan

63 Harley Mason

66 Ollie Handley

80 Archie Sugar-Harmer

85 Caiden Morrison

87 Mac McFarquhar

88 Connor Baines

97 Matthew Copsey

99 Freddie Hull

Class News: Cadet Class

RLK has taken the decision to keep the current age limits in place for the 2020 season regardless of whatever Motorsport UK may decide.

This means that the RLK age range for competitors in the cadet class will be from the 8th birthday to the 31st December of the year of the 13th birthday.

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