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Karting for Companies!

Combine business with pleasure!  

Our reputation as the premier outdoor karting circuit for the East of England is well earned.  So, if you’re looking for a fun hospitality option for your staff or VIP clients look no further.


Our fantastic fleet of karts, powered by mighty Honda engines, offers the most exhilarating karting experience.


Our GX200s reach speeds of up to 40mph, giving you the perfect opportunity to keep the adrenaline pumping and fully appreciate the twists and turns of RLK's technical circuits.  Or if you fancy something a little meatier, the ultimate speed freak experience is to be found with our powerful GX270 karts.  Capable of speeds up to 60mph, superb acceleration and plenty of power out of the corner these karts are wannabe race cars! 

Our safety record is second to none at Red Lodge Karting.  All of our karts are fitted with a wraparound impact absorption system to minimise impact in the event of an accident.  Drivers are provided with a race suit, crash helmet, gloves and waterproof suit (in adverse weather). All karts are checked daily by our mechanics and safety marshals positioned around the track when racing is in progress. A full safety briefing is always given.

GX270 fast karts
GX270 fast karts
Red Lodge Karting aerial view of circuit
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