Championship Results

Cadet: Honda

Championship Dates

Senior: TKM

Junior: TKM

Junior: Prokart

Junior: Rotax

Junior: Minimax


Round 1: Saturday, 4th January

Round 2: Saturday, 1st February

Round 3: Saturday, 7th March

Round 4: Saturday, 4th April

Round 5: Saturday, 5th April

Round 6: Saturday, 2nd May

Round 7: Saturday, 6th June

Round 8: Saturday, 4th July

Round 9: Saturday, 5th September

Round 10: Saturday, 3rd October

Round 11: Saturday, 7th November

Senior: Rotax

Senior: Rotax 177

Senior: Prokart

Round 6

Round 2

Round 7

Round 3

Round 8

Round 4

Round 9

Round 5

Round 10

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